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I would like to take this opportunity to thank your group for the opportunity given to me in working with this company. I would also like to thank Alana Sherman and Debra Kirn for their tremendous help. They, along with KellyMitchell, did what companies like Monster or CareerBuilder could not. KellyMitchell gave a very personal touch, offering guidance on every step of the hiring process, and an attention to detail with my career, as I’m sure that they have given to countless others.

Dustin, IT Specialist

I was so surprised today to open my mailbox and see a package. When I opened it and saw all the goodies from KellyMitchell, I was both surprised and pleased. This is a FIRST for me and is such a nice touch from a recruiting firm! I really appreciate it! Thanks!

Jennifer, Consultant- Instructural Designer

I have been a contractor for the last decade and have worked for several consulting agencies.  That being said, I truly appreciate the professionalism of KellyMitchell.  From the time of your initial contact through my hire, your team has been very communicative and made sure that as your employee I had all of my questions answered. The awesome part is that you continue to stay in touch and check in from time to time to make sure all of my needs are being met.  I have never experienced this type of relationship with a consulting company ever.  Once again I thank you guys so much for this opportunity,  it has truly been a blessing for me and my family.   Please keep doing as you do!

Jaraine, Consultant- Network Services

I’d like to take a moment to send a brief note indicating how glad I am to be working with a top notch group of Professionals at KellyMitchell.  I’m enjoying my assignment, the people here are fantastic to work with and I can honestly say this ranks in the Top 1% of all the technical contracts I’ve taken on during the course of my career.  Thank you for your investment in my career.  Here is hoping it is a long and fruitful one. 

Scott, Consultant- Network Services/Support

I just love dealing with you guys, so professional and friendly in the same time. Two companies approached me with the same job and after talking to my recruiter, Christine,  and seeing the caliber of people I will be dealing with at KellyMitchell, I withdrew my application from the first company and decided to go with KellyMitchell. I’m so glad I made the decision. You guys are great!!

Sam, Consultant- Systems Support