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2 Steps to a Job Optimized Project Manager Resume

When tailoring your resume to fit your next Project Manager position, first you will want to

skim the job description and highlight any key words and phrases they use when describing their ideal candidate. You’ll want to plug these highlighted terms in wherever possible as they pertain to your experience.

After that, skim the following list of Project Management key terms and vocabulary words and see if you can use them when describing your past projects. Doing these two things will ensure your resume is optimized for each position you apply to.

Agile Methodology

Many employers are looking for candidates with experience using this adaptable software development methodology. Having this experience and making sure it’s on your resume is a great way to ensure you stand out.

Certified SCRUM Master (CSM)

Some projects require the Project Manager to be a Certified SCRUM Master so listing this certification on your resume is a no brainer.

Use Cases

This may seem like a simple function of a PM role, but there is a lot of importance in checking your work. It’s a good practice to record all of the use-case scenarios you have experienced for the interview as well.

Statement of Work (SOW)

You might not think it is necessary to include formal processes on your resume, but many hiring managers want to know you are experienced in following the more standardized project management procedures.

Critical Path

This is a keyword that shows you have experience with calculating time and priority and in a PM role, the more critical path experience you have the better!

Gannt Chart

Along with Critical Path, if you have experience mapping your projects through Gannt Charts, this is a great thing to include on your resume.

Scope Creep

Don’t wait for the interview to explain your experience managing scope creep, after all you may not even make it that far, so make sure to have this in your resume.

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