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3 Ways Big Data will Affect IT Careers


If you are an IT professional with a strong business acumen, put on your sunglasses. Just about every industry needs you. Now. That means good things for your future but also for the future of the IT industry as a whole. The concept of Big Data is possibly the biggest game changer in the IT industry since mobile. This is because with Big Data the opportunities are endless and actually multiplying. If there is at least a lunch seminar scheduled on the topic at every major industry conference, it is trendy. 

If an auto factory thinks they can use it to make their process better, it might be a big deal. If marketing companies are popping up specializing in (harnessing) Big Data, it's worth a look. So it is the sliced bread of 2014, and many companies are sitting around trying to figure this thing out, so IT professionals should be doing the same. Here are three ways Big Data will affect IT careers.

More Jobs

As more objects are inducted into the Internet of Things, and as businesses are realizing the data they have kept over the years could mean more to their bottom line than they ever intended, there is an ever-evolving need for Big Data experts. As a result,  job openings appear. See for yourself here.

Rise of Hybrid IT/Business Professionals

Big Data is all about translation. You have to be able to think like the business to extract the right data and then explain it to the people in charge. You can't fake this, you just have to really have a strong understanding of business practices and ideally the industry you are hired into in order to be successful. This is what the marketing companies are trying to capitalize on. Don't let them steal your thunder, learn how to position yourself for a Big Data IT role here. 

More Industries are Investing in Big Data Solutions

Big Data can be used almost anywhere to figure out almost anything, including why umps mess up their calls and pinpointing assembly line inefficiencies. It's also driving cars now too. So the IT world has a greater need for infiltration to these otherwise technologically under-exploited arenas.  This means we will have more IT roles in these industries. To keep up with KellyMitchell’s Big Data jobs openings join our Talent Network.

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