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5 Reasons Moms Make Awesome Project Managers

They Communicate Well.


“Mom, you told me to clean the bathroom, but you never told me when.” LOL. This trick will not work with a PM. There are no misunderstandings. If the PM instructs you to clean the bathroom, you will get two things: details on what kind of work is expected and a deadline. And kids, your PM also understands how to work with people who need a little guidance, so if you tell her you don’t know how to scrub the toilet, she will give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

Have fun trying to get out of cleaning the bathroom.

They Know How to Delegate.

For PM’s with more than one child, delegation is the key to efficiency. Cleaning house before company arrives? Not a problem for PMs. Just give her a couple of kids and a five minute meeting and everyone will be contributing in the best way they can to make sure the house is spotless. Nothing will be missed, and your guests will go on believing that your house looks like this all the time.

They Make Everyone Feel Like Part of the Team (Family).

PM’s make sure that everyone feels like they are an important member of the family. It’s nearly impossible to figure out which of your siblings is your PM’s favorite, because she finds value in each one of your unique talents and qualities.

If she has a favorite, no one will know because she makes each member feel loved equally.

They Truly Understand How You Feel.

Whether they’ve been there before or they’re just incredibly gifted at understanding emotion, you know when they say, “I understand how you feel.” They truly do. This is also when their listening skills come in handy because when you come to her with a problem, she listens intently. She drops what she’s doing and gives you her full attention. She lets you vent and best of all, she doesn’t tell you what you should do (yet). She gives you the time you need to get it all out. Only when you’re ready to fix the problem does she offer her advice, and it’s always the best advice.

She Doesn’t Say “I Told You So,” but You Always Go Back and Tell Her, “You Were Right.”

She smiles knowingly, and continues to watch the Good Wife and check her email.


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