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7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

7 habits of highly effective project managers

IT Project Management requires skills in both IT and business in order to effectively carry out plans and manage the details of an IT project as well as effectively communicate with all involved parties. But what else is required in order to succeed as a highly effective IT Project Manager? Below we have broken out the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Mangers.

1. They are good communicators.

IT Project Managers need to be able to not only effectively convey needs but catch when a team member is on a different page. Good IT Project Managers are skilled at uncovering and eliminating confusion from the start and then maintaining the highest level of understanding throughout the project.

2. They can decide!

The most effective IT Project Managers know what they want and don’t doubt themselves. Swift, confident decision making keeps the project running smoothly and holds your team’s trust. When you show your team you are on the fence, they are forced to question your final decision.

3. They have their eye on the prize.

Effective IT Project Managers are focused and committed. They have the end-goal in mind at all times, which helps them always tie back to the bottom line. This keeps the team in focus and the project on track.

4. They are resourceful.

Good IT Project Managers know that everyone comes to a project with a wide variety of skills and experiences. Honing in on the hidden strengths of each member of their team is a skill only the greatest IT Project Managers possess.

5. They are great team leaders.

IT Project Managers know how to motivate, inspire, and grow their team in a positive and helpful way. This keeps everyone excited to come to work every day and looking forward to contributing their best effort to produce a successful product in the end.

6. They embrace change.

In every project, change is inevitable. Though they may not always agree with the proposed changes, effective IT project Managers will find a way to use change as an opportunity to make the project even greater than it was before.

7. They are customer service oriented.

Meeting the needs of the client is an IT Project Manager’s number 1 goal. This means the Project Manager should be able to work with the client and any other stakeholders with efficiency and professionalism. Everyone wins when the Project Manager has provided excellent customer service to the client.

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