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Avoid These 5 Common Interview Mistakes

1. Word Vomit

Word vomit: The act of saying something that you meant to keep to yourself. Sometimes, it

just can’t be avoided. The good news is, most word vomit can be avoided as long as you show up prepared, with talking points that lead to meaningful representation of what you do and how you can help in the role.

2. Being Unprepared

If you’re not good at winging a presentation, then you’ll definitely bomb your interview. That’s why you need to prepare. You need to know your resume and cover letter. More than that, you need to know that the company does and anything relevant that pertains the technology industry. Was the company in the news recently or did they win an award? Did something huge happen in big data or tech? Chances are, your interviewer will ask you, “tell us what you know about our company and the industry we work in.”

3. Arriving Late

Don’t arrive late. Just don’t do it. People say you can recover from this, but you can’t, unless you’re the most charming, charismatic human on Earth. A good rule of thumb to follow is arriving to the site at least ten minutes early and checking in five minutes early. Arriving too early can be just as detrimental to the interview as arriving late. When someone arrives 20 minutes early, the hiring manager might feel guilty for leaving you in the waiting room for so long. They might also get annoyed, especially if they’re wrapping up another interview. They like to take time between interviews to go over notes and maybe grab something to drink.

4. It’s not all about you.

We’ve all been told that the interview is your time to shine and you should talk about yourself and how you will be a great fit. This is completely true, but you still have to communicate this in a way that is both humble and inclusive of the company you’re interviewing with. Instead of preaching what you know and how great you are, try thinking about what you could bring to the table that would be beneficial to the company, and think about at least one skill that you would be excited about learning while working for the prospective company.


You need to follow up! 1. This shows that you want the job. 2. This is an excellent opportunity to go back to that question that you didn’t answer so well and give them something they were really looking for. Just be careful about being too forward.

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