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Best Subject Lines for Your Job Hunt

RE- Best Email Subject Lines for Your Job Hunt

From: The Marketing Department Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2017 3:51 PM

To: KellyMitchell Blog Readers Subject: Best Email Subject Lines for Your Job Hunt

Hi KellyMitchell Blog Readers,

In honor of National Email Week, we decided to unearth some of the best subject line formulas for your job hunt. Whether you’re job searching daily or looking to build your network “just in case”, many of us often find ourselves stuck at the last part of every great email, the subject line. The elusive subject line, it doesn’t matter how well you think you’ve written the email, the subject line as we all know is what grabs them. So how do you do that while avoiding the cheesy, “touching base”, “inquiry” and “quick question” traps that we all seem to get caught in. So you want that emailed open? Try one of these methods.

If you have a direct connection: {Insert name here} introduction

Let say you know someone who gave you this person’s email? Don’t be afraid to reference them in your subject line. That way the unknown sender (you), isn’t a deterrent. Also if the person gave you their email, they’ve probably already mentioned it to the person on the other end of your email so they will be on that will likely increase your response rate.

If you know their work: {Insert name here}, enjoyed your Muse article!

If the person is active on social media or writes online articles or even does TedTalks that have inspired you reference these. One, it shows you’ve done your research and you’re engaged in the process. Two, it gives you access to someone who perhaps you don’t have a direct connection with. I mean who isn’t going to open an email that starts with praise?!

If you’re going in blind, offer value: Sales Driven Individual Ready To Help Your Company Grow

This method works when you’re going in blind and you’re doing a more quantity over quality approach to your networking. You immediately offer them value in the subject line so they know it’s not just another spam email. At the very least it’s a quick way to show where your skills lie and might direct them to pass you on to the appropriate manager or talent acquisition representative.

If nothing else, try a question: Any advice for fellow University of X graduate?

Whether you share a college or are just interested in their company, asking a question is a thousand times more engaging then “Touching Base” or “Quick Inquiry” (very scientific fact we know). You never know, if you catch them on a slow day, that question might just be the draw they need into your email.

We hope this guide helps and that your next personal email campaign is well received because of this advice.


The Marketing Department

- - -

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