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Big Data Jobs Are On the Rise. Here's How to Snag One

According to Dice’s April data report, Big Data skills requests in job listings are at an all-time high. Job postings for NoSQL experts are up 54 percent while requests for Big Data Talent and Hadoop skills are up 46 percent and 43 percent respectively. IT experts with Big Data experience should feel like big fish in a small pond as more companies are looking for a narrower group of talent. So if you are already skilled in Big Data, you may want to make sure you are leveraging your potential by getting yourself into one of these new positions. If you don’t have the skills, here are 3 ways to get yourself some.

Get Certified.

HP Vertica, Cloudera, EMC, Oracle and SAS offer training courses and certifications for Big Data skills. Cloudera offers four Big Data certifications including Certified Data Scientist (CCP:DS), Hadoop (CCDH) and (CCAH) and HBase specialist (CCSHB) each for around $300.

Better Your Public Speaking Skills.

Believe it or not, a huge part of being a successful Big Data team member is being able to communicate effectively and present findings to any stakeholders. This means you have to speak the language of managers in and outside of the IT department and clearly make a case for your developments.

If you are the type that has had less experience with presenting and communicating with business managers, joining a public speaking class or group may be really helpful not only in your interviews but in your career as a whole. Check out a local Toastmasters meeting in your area, they can be very helpful!

Market Yourself for a Big Data Position.

Check out current Big Data job listings and see what types of characteristics, skills, and experiences each one is looking for. Then skim your resume for areas where your experience matches up and highlight these areas.

Also, pull Big Data keywords from the job description in your resume to highlight that experience in their language. This will help hiring managers clarify that you are exactly what they are looking for. Bring this practice into your interview as well and you will be on your way to a Big Data job in no time!

P.S. Beefing up your experience in Cyber Security is never a bad idea since requests for cyber security specialist are up 162 percent over last year according to Dice’s report.

Source: Dice

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