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Career Spotlight: Data Scientist


Data Scientist: Data Scientists are the scientists of the information world. So they do what you would imagine a scientist does, but with data. They take large information sets and dissect them and the pull out the important pieces and look deeper at them through hypothesis testing and data categorization.

  • Responsible for understanding and organizing data from multiple sources to discover new insights and then recommends ways the data can be used.

  • Acts as a bridge, negotiator, liaison, or facilitator between the client, stakeholders, and the solutions team.

  • Works alongside Business Analysts, Developers, QA Analysts, clients, and solutions teams.

Common Job Titles

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Science Analyst

  • Big Data Analyst

Common Vocab & Skillsets

Here are some common terms and skills to use in positioning yourself towards a Data Scientist position: Algorithm design — Experience with algorithm development and design is needed for big data projects and should be included in your resume for a Data Scientist position. Predictive Analytics — Data Scientists use predictive analytics in data mining to discover and predict trends and patterns in data sets. Python, Java, or R — These programming languages are popular among data scientists, so you may find your next position looking for experience with one or all of them. Data Mining Techniques — Data mining techniques such as clustering, decision trees, regression analysis, neural networks and others are great to include on your resume and show your ability to follow process. Communication skills, business acumen, ability to present findings — While most of the skills sought for Data Scientist positions are highly technical,  there is also a need for effective communication with business stakeholders that don't speak programming and data science language. Being able to translate highly technical findings into business terminology in an effective way is a huge plus. HADOOP — Apache Hadoop is an open-source software used for processing Big Data. For Data Scientists, Hadoop is the framework on which data science is performed. Mathematical Modeling — This will be listed in job descriptions for most Data Scientist positions because it is a skilled function of the job. Make sure your mathematical modeling experience is on your resume.

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