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Why Top-Notch Cyber Security Talent Is What Every Team Wants

cybersecurity talent

Let's dive into a topic that's hotter than a cup of freshly brewed coffee on a Monday morning – cyber security talent. You know, those digital experts who save our data from the clutches of cyber hackers? Yup, those are the folks every talent team out there is trying to find to join their team. Here are a few ways security-focused IT professionals make a difference.

Proactively Protecting

In a world where a single phishing email can turn into a data disaster, having someone who can protect your digital landscape is important. World Wide Technology suggests “putting cyber security at the intersection of everything and embracing is as a core element of organizational strategy, culture, and growth.” Cyber attacks continue to grow in volume, speed, and sophistication. That’s why we need go-to talent just right for the job. A Security Operations Engineer can assist in designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining secure IT infrastructure. They help build entire systems to protect networks and devices. By adding components like firewalls, VPNs, or dual authentication, they know what to do because they’re experts at safety first!

Cyber security is a mindset. Security experts help change other teams’ and departments' approaches to safety by helping to put protocols into place. Engineering News shares results from a study that shows that 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human error. Tech professionals can teach others about security. That way their fellow team players know their role in keeping digital information secure. The right training reduces human error. An IT Manager can help employees identify ways to handle questionable situations. That way, teams can catch those phishing emails, smishing texts, and vishing phone calls before any accidents.

In the event something should happen to slip through the cracks, a Network Engineer can respond effectively to provide a solution, quickly. Their expertise enables them to investigate the root cause, contain the incident, and guide the recovery process. The faster the recovery, the better! It means there is less downtime and minimal effect.

Keeping Up with Compliance

Have you seen pop-ups asking if you accept cookies? This is a common method of collecting data online. Organizations can collect, store, and use information if users accept cookies. But, there are compliance rules in place for users’ protection like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These different types of compliance regulations need to be reviewed and addressed because they continuously evolve. IT talent helps with this! For example, an Information Security Engineer can help ensure your organization stays up to date with any changes to these compliance rules or other data regulations.

Building Trust

We saved the best reason for adding cyber security talent to your team for last! A strategic cyber security approach establishes trust. Some organizations use this as a differentiator because a strong data protection reputation is a good thing— even if it’s a mouthful to say. It impacts a brand’s image in a positive way. Lance Hayden, the managing director of Berkely Research Group, noted that business executives who leverage security to their advantage will gain an edge because they can “use cybersecurity as part of their portfolio of strategic assets.” It’s always the time to put an action plan into place. It can begin with finding top IT talent in the cyber security profession.

The digital canvas is increasingly intricate and multifaceted. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, so the demand for this cyber security talent has skyrocketed. Cyber Seek estimates there were about 1.1 million workers in the U.S. industry as of December 2022. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Services, the demand for this type of talent is expected to increase by almost 31% by 2031! The need is on the rise, which is why we’re here to help! We staff top Cyber Security talent for organizations across the nation and offer scalable solutions with IT project services. Contact us to get started!

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