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Feng Shui Your Desk


Whether you are working from home right now, or working from the office – it’s likely your working from a desk (even if it is a makeshift one!). You spend a lot of time there, and so we decided to examine the ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical objects to attract positive energy.

Once you garner this energy, also called Chi, the theory suggests you be able to be more in command and successful. Even if the Chi isn’t exactly perfect, at least your desk will get a much-needed refresh! To do this, we will break down your desk into nine distinct areas of energy. Disclaimer: do not attempt until you’ve cleaned the clutter first, almost as though you’re starting from a fresh space.

Knowledge: Left Front Section of Your Desk

This is a great spot to keep a reference book or something else that implies learning. You don’t always have to have these items on your desk, in a drawer close to that spot works as well. Also having something blue in this area is said to help you concentrate and make better decisions.

Career: Middle Front Section of Your Desk

While you try to keep this area clear of physical objects so your focus can be on immediate tasks and projects. One object that is suggested for this spot is a picture of a stream of water, either taped under the desk or under the glass top if you have one.

Helpful People and Travel: Right front section of your desk

This area is meant to inspire you to call upon others. Using this spot to keep business cards or your address book would be a great example of items that help propel this space forward. Another idea, write a note highlighting someone who will help you achieve your goals and tuck it away in your drawer in this corner. Don’t forget to change it out every now and then, Need a simple touch up for this space? A grey or silver object, globe, or vacation pictures will do the trick.

Family: Left Middle Left Section of Your Desk

This is perhaps the easiest space to fill, find a favorite family photo or object near to your heart. Specifically, something in a wood frame or that is green would be ideal. This area can additionally be representative of expansion so any new ideas or project being placed here can help give them the Chi to move them forward.

Health: Middle Middle Section of Your Desk

Whether it be tea, your vitamins, or another item that reminds you to live a healthy balanced life. Finding ways to represent the earth is important in this section. This is typically done through yellow shades. So whether it be a yellow circle under your desk or a jar of decorative stones channel that as you consider this space.

Creativity and Children: Right Middle Section of Your Desk

While this space is about creativity and children, ironically it’s represented by metal and black and white objects. If you have a metal pendulum or picture of something that inspires you, put it here. If you keep a journal, keep it here. Bottom line, whatever sparks joy or might offer that ‘ah-ha’ moment, this is the spot for it.

Wealth: Left Back Section of Your Desk

Whatever you put here, make sure it’s in excellent working condition as this area is your financial corner. If you have goals related to personal finance, put items related to that here. Otherwise, find items that are gold, purple, or green to fill this space. Suggested items for this space are a picture of your dream house, gold trinkets, or a money plant.

Fame: Middle Back Section of Your Desk

As hokey it might sound, placing a big nameplate or your business cards in this space are the most obvious suggestions as this area represents fame. Not feeling that flashy? Fire is another representation of fame, so a candle or lamp are both good space fillers for this area.

Love: Right Back Section of Your Desk

This likely won’t come as a surprise, but the color for the love section is pink. Either something that signifies your relationship or ideal partner would be ideally placed in this area. For example, I keep my pens and pencils here is a vase from our wedding. Looking for something else? Fresh flowers or house plants would another option for this space.

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