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Friday Favorites: Clubhouse Rooms to Follow


If you’ve scrolled through social media in the last year, you’ve likely seen mentions of “come join my Clubhouse chat” or “I have an extra Clubhouse invite if anyone wants it.” Although the app launched in May 2020, Clubhouse is gaining mainstream popularity quite rapidly. What is Clubhouse, exactly? It’s an exclusive social networking app that uses audio-chat. Some have referred to it as an invite-only, live podcast.

Once a user has joined Clubhouse, they can then follow friends, celebrities, and thought leaders, while receiving notifications when a room is started. While initially, invites were fairly hard to come across, it’s becoming more common to know someone with one of their two invites left to share. So, you may be wondering how you could start using Clubhouse to develop professionally.

Clubhouse is conveniently searchable by topic, proving to be very helpful for newbies compiling their follow list, but to help kick off your foray into the Clubhouse world, we’re sharing five of our favorite Rooms with you today!

Tech Talks

This is one of the more famous Clubs on Clubhouse and as its name implies focusing on conversations around tech. Chris Cheng leads what is now one of the largest Tech clubs on the app with over 250,000 members.

One of the primary goals of Cheng, when he started the club, was to help “democratize access to knowledge for those who experience systemic, geographical and or socio-economic issues.” One of their recently most talked-about shows for example was about the use of blockchain in music and similar topics make this a must-listen.

Women’s Powerhouse

This club is known for its conversations focused on integrity, generosity, honor, and honestly. And they sure do live up to that. Eliza Delgado is one of the co-founders and typically moderates the conversations.

Many participants cite that the candid conversations provide a fair amount of value. Which makes sense when you consider that the other co-founder’s and moderator’s backgrounds vary from business to sales to digital marketing. Ultimately, it is all about creating a support system instead of just creating access to information.

Human Behavior

If you want a club that touches on some of the most fascinating and diverse topics, this group has you covered. If you’re even remotely interested in neuroscience, decision making, health/wellness, tech/computer science, marketing, startups, this club offers a masterclass on them. They do this by taking everyday experiences and looking at those topics through that lens. Ultimately, the club aims to evaluate how humans respond to their world around them.

Breakfast With Champions – Millionaire Breakfast Club

While this group’s east coast start time can certainly be a little challenging for west coasters, if you can even catch the tail end while waking up and getting ready, your day is bound to kick off in the right way. Founded by Glenn Lundy who refers to himself as the Morning Routine Master, this group’s aim is to start off your day with a healthy dose of motivation, education, and inspiration.

As the club’s bio says “RISE with intention and purpose, EVOLVE into the best version of yourself you can be, and go out and make a massive IMPACT on this planet”. Who doesn’t want to wake up that way?

The Good Time Show

The Good Time Show is a late-night club hosted by husband and wife team of Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy. Aarthi currently works at Facebook and her husband, Sriram’s resume includes stints at Twitter, Facebook, and Snap.

Their background gives them the credibility to pull in guests that typically shy away from “media” interviews, like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. This is an example of why there is so much talk about Clubhouse becoming a place to have tech conversations away from journalists or traditional media outlets.

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