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Friday Favorites Round-Up

Just in case the chilly weather is cooling down the mood in the office this week, here are our red-hot finds to help you get through this Friday.

While we might joke that we are working ourselves to death, this new study suggests there might be some validity to that statement. To combat this, the study also suggests that creating a work-life balance for yourself can help overcome any workplace stresses. Yoga anyone?

Speaking from personal experience, I (just like the author) never fancied myself a podcast person. But before long I was in deep with multiple podcast series. Even with my short commute, I found them a great alternative to tunes when walking the dog or a relaxing substitute for my evening binge-Netflix session. Consider this article on your Podcasts for Beginners list.

Every day, our online information gets tracked, sometimes in ways we see and other times in ways invisible to us. But as you link all these pieces together, almost anyone can create a deep understanding of who we are as individuals, these TED Talks help you understand those links.

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