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How to Stand Out in a Field of Applicants...

100s, maybe 1000s of people apply for a job – you know you have to make yourself stand out, be memorable – so how can you accomplish this? Here are some clever cover letters that I have seen:

  • The Yoda – Clever, I am. Hire me, please do.

  • The First Person Narrative – Danielle knows recruiting!

  • The Artist – Every corner has a pretty little graphic, delicately framing the cover letter borders.

  • The Buzz Word Dropper – see previous blogs for my opinion on buzz word overuse!

  • Spartacus – I am JAVA! (insert specialty of choice)

If you are considering one of these approaches – STOP! You want to be memorable, not infamous. Remember, hiring managers & recruiters are looking for someone that knows their stuff and can represent their knowledge without theatrics. Your cover letter should tell us who you are, why you are a good fit for this job, why you want to work for our company and most important – why we should hire you!

You are your best advocate. We want to know who you are and what you can do – not whether or not you can “MacGyver” your way through an interview.

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