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Introducing Our Newest Technical Recruiters to the Dallas Team

From left to right: Grace, Michelle, Andrea, Lauren, Desiree

We’re so happy to introduce you to the newest members of our team in Dallas! Here are a few fun facts about our new Technical Recruiters:

Grace Roberts has been dancing for her entire life and was a member of the TCU Showgirls Dance Team during her college years. She’s planning on auditioning for a professional dance team in the future. If she could do anything in the world she would host a talk show, ideally on the Oprah Network.

If Dallas was a city in Hawaii, Michelle Johnston would be in heaven. Michelle has been dancing since the young age of four (maybe she could form a dancing duo with her new co-worker, Grace). Michelle lives for the most important food group ever: chocolate.

Andrea Troske is a St. Louis native. She’s a diehard Blues and Cardinals fan and will continue to cheer them on next to the Stars and Rangers fans of Dallas (you are truly brave). Andrea has toured all 50 state capitol buildings and could eat her way through Italy if given the chance. Andrea was a jockey for four years in her youth.

Lauren Synar has made a big move all the way from Manhattan, New York to Dallas, Texas! She has a puppy named Judge who’s excited to be graduating from bird dog training school in just a few short months.

Desiree Garrison is an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. You’ll probably catch her scrolling through Pinterest during her down time. Desiree and her oldest sibling are 20 years apart. One of her favorite past-times is fishing, but she’ll probably make you remove the hook from anything she catches if you join her.

We’re so excited to have you all here with us at KellyMitchell Group!

Looking for a recruiting job in an entrepreneurial environment? Check out our open technical recruiting positions!


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