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Go Tech-Savvy Green: How IT Project Services Can Supercharge Sustainability

A great challenge for IT experts this year: an eco-revolution. It’s about time to ditch those plastic water bottles! You may be wondering how IT experts can play a role in achieving sustainability goals. With the right IT project services solution, organizations can develop and implement game-changing strategies company-wide. So, grab your favorite reusable water bottle, sit back, and let's embark on just three of the many ways to propel a tech-savvy transformation: become paperless, provide a remote or hybrid offering, and implement an optimized cloud-based IT infrastructure.  

Paperless Office 

One of the more obvious ways to eliminate waste is by going paperless. The Paperless Project shared that the average worker still uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, and American corporations “spend over $120 billion on printed forms.” Going paperless is a big step that requires employees to change their habits. While this may be a big ask for some, starting a digital transformation is a great task for an IT project services team.  

Talented IT experts can help transform processes into digital workflows with document management systems and electronic signatures. So long, overflowing file cabinets! Streamlining processes results in higher productivity, and in terms of sustainability, it preserves trees — one step towards an eco-revolution in the IT industry. The next step, meeting virtually! 

Virtual Meetings 

The rise of virtual meetings and telecommuting is a win-win for organizations and the environment! The Global Workplace Analytics report states that even just by working from home half the week, emissions can be reduced by 54 million tons every year. It’s a greener alternative because reduced travel means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less strain on fossil fuels.  

We navigated work remotely previously, but there are so many upgrades, added features, and new tools available with new capabilities to help keep a remote workforce highly successful. A game-changer to effectively work remotely is finding the experts who can help teams get started on how to leverage the tools at their fingertips. IT Product Strategy & Development team can help ideate, design, and implement different strategies and efforts to achieve the right collaboration solutions. With the right tools integrated across an organization, working remotely yields high productivity while reducing emissions for cleaner air!  

Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure 

Another way IT project services solutions can help is by moving teams to the Cloud. When organizations use the Cloud, it reduces the need for all that physical hardware, which cuts down on energy consumption and e-waste. When it's time to retire old equipment, an IT team can help ensure it is disposed of, recycled, or refurbished properly to avoid landfills. This commitment to responsible e-waste management minimizes environmental harm. 

One example of a cloud-based organization that rallies behind sustainability is Microsoft – and, with a data-driven approach! Microsoft focuses on empowering execs to make the right decisions for our environment through data. They offer an easy-to-access report on an organization’s cloud-related emissions. Microsoft’s Emissions Impact Dashboard is a one-stop shop that connects the energy consumption data into a single visualization. A Data Analyst can track and analyze resource usage, carbon emissions, and waste generation to identify areas where sustainability improvements are needed. This data-driven approach empowers teams to make well-informed decisions. 

CIO Dive challenges IT by sharing there is a growing responsibility to create and implement comprehensive sustainability strategies that involve “refocusing people, technology, and processes towards sustainable goals.” It’s time to see beyond fixing computers and managing networks, IT is a strategic ally in your company's sustainability journey. From virtual meetings to remote support and data-driven strategies, KellyMitchell can help provide the right IT project services solution to reduce environmental impact while boosting the bottom line. Embrace the tech-savvy green eco-revolution [and toss those plastic water bottles]!  

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If you need an IT project services team to create a sustainable strategy and deliver, reach out to us today! 


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