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KM Career Spotlight: Julie Harris

Julie Harris — KellyMitchell Vice President of Delivery, Hudson’s Mom, Fierce Leader, Proudest ‘Ring the Bell’ Cheerleader, Driven Change-Maker, Trustworthy Friend, Lover of the Office [the sitcom and KM CHI;)], Advocate of All Things Coffee & KM….the list goes on and on! With 10+ years of tenure, there’s a lot of documented data around KM’s collective appreciation for Julie! And if you know Julie personally, you know there’s nothing she loves more than reviewing supporting data analytics! :)

Let’s start back in 2014, when Julie first joined KM and take a look at her impressive career evolution, with a bit of insight into her day-to-day at KellyMitchell.

What led you to KellyMitchell?

“A good friend of mine knew I was looking for something new and referred me over to the infamous Shannon Hernandez…..the rest is history!” Unsurprisingly, Julie and Shannon connected instantly, and Julie was hired on as a Technical Recruiter. Julie learned a lot about connecting the right people to new opportunities firsthand, and as such, she continues to be a top champion of our referral program at KellyMitchell — always asking for rockstar employee recommendations to join the team!

How has your career evolved since joining KellyMitchell?

“I started my career as a Technical Recruiter with KellyMitchell and quickly realized that I not only wanted to build relationships with our candidate and consultants, but also with our clients.” Soon after, Julie accepted a role in Client Delivery where she was provided the opportunity to lead a recruitment team responsible for KM’s performance across several clients — including some that required a quick relocation from Chicago to Minneapolis and back! “I learned how to be a trusted advisor to our clients and realized my passion for training and developing new KMers.” From there, Julie continued climbing the client delivery career ladder — even met her husband through KellyMitchell along the way! She earned her title of Vice President of Delivery back in 2022 and celebrated ten years with KM last month.  We can’t wait to see the impact she continues to make in her next ten!

What’s a typical day for you look like in your current role?

“This is a tough question, because each day can look different — It’s another thing I love about our industry.” Julie shares that each morning she looks forward to a team kickoff meeting where the focus is on collaboration and conquering the day/week. We’re positive this is when she also shares one of her many motivational quotes with the team — our favorite being one of her own inspirational tidbits: “To change the results, change the energy you bring to the time you commit.” 

Following the daily morning meeting, Julie’s workday is a mix of leading KellyMitchell strategy sessions, one-on-one check-ins with her team, and an array of client engagements, which Julie claims is “the best part!”  

What do you enjoy most about working at KM?

“I’m biased, but I think we have the absolute best teammates and I thoroughly enjoy getting to work with this group of people.” We’re biased too, but we totally agree! We have a fun, energetic, committed group of individuals, many of which have been influenced by Julie’s contagious energy and dedication. If you’ve crossed paths or worked with KellyMitchell in any form, chances are you’ve connected with someone who has been trained, mentored, or led by Julie over the last decade!

Julie adds that second to working with the best team, she loves a good challenge. “I am lucky enough to be pushed out of my comfort zone often.”

What advice do you have for people looking to propel their career path?

“Jump in! Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Raise your hand when you’re ready to take on more, and embrace the change that comes with it.” There’s no who’s raised their hand more over the last ten years, and she has jumped right into the next ten, with a big smile. Thanks for being you, Jules, and for the inspiration you bring to all of KM every day!



If you’re interested in exploring KM career opportunities, check out our open positions, here!


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