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KM Employees as Classic Book Characters

So at KellyMitchell, we consider ourselves to be quite the bookworms. Whether it’s physical books or audiobooks, we have an unofficial book club around the office. So in honor of all the summer reading, we’ll be doing in the coming months, we decided to compare some of our internal departments to their classic book characters’ counterparts.

Human Resources: Atticus Finch

As our human resources department is the rule-providing and abiding department, it only seemed appropriate that we pair them with an equally moral character. And who better than the equality-fighting lawyer, Atticus Finch, of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

Marketing: Jay Gatsby

Here in the marketing department, we are pretty big fans of our jobs. We get to plan the parties and the gifts for the office. But just like Jay Gatsby of ‘The Great Gatsby’ we work behind the scenes to surprise and delight everyone else in the office.

Accounting: Hermione Granger

Our accounting department is quite the studious bunch and it’s quite normal to hear them spewing off numbers like others spew off the latest pop culture news. For this department, we needed a character who exemplified academic excellence, and who was better than the ‘Harry Potter series’ very own Hermione Granger!

Recruiters: Nancy Drew

Our recruiters have two jobs, to find jobs and find candidates. For this role we needed someone who wasn’t afraid to go digging through resumes for the best candidates. The teenage detective, Nancy Drew is the perfect metaphor for our recruiters as they search for jobs and candidates.

Account Managers: Peter Pan

Account Managers are all people-oriented. They can sell anyone on any idea, much like Peter Pan. These inherent people pleasers just want to make sure everyone is happy and successful, and this is something we can only imagine Peter Pan would approve of himself.

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