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Mobile App Developer Tip: Know Your Goal

app developer tip

Many companies are forced to be very reactionary when it comes to new technology, meaning projects are developed because competitors have them and they need to keep up with the competition.

While staying ahead of the competition is likely a common reason businesses are creating mobile apps, it shouldn’t be the only one. If you are unsure of the goal of the mobile app you’re creating, you may want to ask the client if the goal falls into one of the following categories to maximize the mobile strategy.

Broader Reach

Is the app being created to expand the company’s website for a broader reach to mobile customers? This is probably the most common mobile development strategy. Examples are Amazon, Ebay, and Linkedin.

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Further Engagement

Are you creating this app to further engage the company’s most loyal customers? Popular among location-based ecommerce sites where the goal is to allow for a seamless transition from purchase to redemption. Examples are Groupon, RedBox, and Walgreens.

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Creating a New Experience

Are you trying for a new mobile-exclusive experience to take advantage of the technology-in-hand? A good example of this is Target’s Cartwheel app, which uses mobile technology to steer customers away from ecommerce and drive in-store traffic. Of course, Target has a regular ecommerce app as well.

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While mobile strategy may seem like a marketing function, it is up to the developer to make sure the goal of the specific application is clearly defined. The goal in creating the app will alter the aspects of your design, so it is important to be sure to capture this information up front.

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