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New Talent is Entering the Workforce

Did you know: a new generation is entering the workforce! According to, 27% of the workforce will be Gen Z by 2025. When any new “generation” enters the workforce, we tend to see unique dynamic shifts in the workplace climate and culture.

Gen Z is comprised of virtual natives who have grown up with the world at their fingertips. It’s amazing when you think about it — they’ve never lived without easy access to technology! The new skillsets and fresh perspective that this will bring to the workplace may reshape what's next, despite unique obstacles that may surface.

A Shift in the Scenery

With technology advancing so quickly and being so easily accessible, now is the time we could see subtle shifts in dynamics and relationships. "Atlassian’s State of Teams 2022 Report" shared that location flexibility positively impacts employees. We’re seeing fewer burnout symptoms and imposter syndrome, and an increase in innovation and positive views of organizations.

New employees will require the right training and tools from organizations as they make the transition from college to career. Remote, hybrid, in office? The office environment looks unique to each company. How can the next generation navigate forward successfully?

Guidance is always helpful in adapting to different professional environments. It can be intimidating walking into a new dynamic, and when you’ve never worked in a 9-5 position before. You may not even know where to start! Clear communication has never been so important — even regarding smaller details — like the office or virtual dress codes.

Mutual Mentorship

LinkedIn suggests one way to help individuals acclimate is by establishing a mentorship program. Great mentors and proper direction are the frameworks for success in a new environment, and intergenerational support can have numerous benefits for both parties. A mentorship program can deepen employee-employer relationships.

Established employees can gain a sense of purpose or motivation in their position as a mentor, and new employees often bring new perspectives to the table. Having grown up surrounded by technology, Gen Z has navigated through life very differently than any generation before them. With an open mind, the learning and collaboration possibilities are endless!

Tech Natives

Gen Zers are not just technologically savvy; they are technology natives. A survey conducted by Dell Technologies found that four out of every five Gen Z members surveyed want to work with cutting-edge technology, and 91% say that a company’s technology influences whether they’ll accept a job offer.

As this new generation of talent steps in and the technology industry evolves, manual workflows are becoming digital workflows. Businesses will have new resources on board to help adopt software and other automation tools to digitize manual tasks and processes — this is where these tech natives will really provide valuable insight!

Digital Workflows

A poll conducted by USA Today suggests Gen Z might be the most creative generation yet. “Gen Z are significantly more likely to do something creative every day compared to 57% among other generations and are also likelier to say that doing something creative daily benefits their work/academic studies by 78% versus 63%.”

The potential for creative solutions is exciting, as most organizations are looking to find new ways to aid teams to be more agile! Digital workflows that connect organizations across systems, time zones, and cultures have naturally become even more essential over the past few years.

Welcoming a new generation into the workforce is always a pivotal period of growth and re-evaluation within organizations. We look forward to the continued impact Gen Z brings into the evolution of the workplace.

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