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Project Management Headlines for the Week 1/20/2014

Project management articles and headlines for the week of 1-20-2014.

How to Hand Off a Project Successfully

So, you got to the end of the project at last. Hopefully you can look back with a lot of satisfaction at how you overcame a lot of obstacles and got your team to pull together even when they weren’t sure how it was all going to end up. More… [from Cobalt PM]

Four Questions You Have to Answer in a Project Management Interview

You’ll never become a project manager if you don’t knock it out of the park during your interview. More… [from]

What Does It Take to Be an Incredible Project Manager?

We all know managers are nature’s ultimate multitaskers, but what characteristics do truly outstanding project managers need to have? More… [from PM Hut]

Four Tips for Better Engagement in Project Management

Getting people onboard with the right type of engagement in project management requires that businesses are encouraging the right mentality in their staff. More… [from]

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