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Project Management Headlines of the Week | 12-1-2013

Did you know that Darth Vader was PMP certified? Project management articles and headlines for the week of 12-1-2013.

Change Your Office Layout for a More Effective Project Management Team

Arbitrary or not, you had no or little control over where your team sets up shop. But did you know that it has a big impact on how your team runs? More… [from EasyProjects]

Planning is Everything

Plans are considered Strategies for the successful delivery of the project’s capabilities. But this strategy is actually a hypothesis and this needs continual testing. More… [from Herding Cats]

Social Media, Connections & Communication | IPM Day 2013

Whether it is the technical hill that they do not want to surmount, or the fear of stale content, executives need to find a way to make social media a part of their role. More… [from KellyMitchell]

Darth Vader, PMP

I never realized it until now, but Darth Vader was a project manager! More…

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