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Project Play-By-Play: How to Win at Resource Allocation

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The easiest way a Project Manager can ensure quality of work, keep moral high, and account for positive employee well-being is to really nail it when it comes to resource allocation. One of the biggest challenges Project Managers face is limited resources, and over-allocation occurs as a result. We have found some ways you can avoid over-allocation on your next project.

Level Your Resources

Using a tool like Microsoft Project will help you stay on top of the game when figuring out who is available for the next project and if not, when they will come available to jump in. Like a coach with a play board, being able to lay out your available resources, see what they are working on and where they could be possibly moved to to make room for your new project gives your challenge a visual perspective.

Prioritize Projects

Relieve the pressure from your team and individual team members by taking a quick inventory of all the projects at hand and their respective timelines. You might find the newest one has a shorter timeline, and can become priority one until you’ve met the first deadline. As the top priority project’s schedule ebbs and flows with reviews, you can bring another to the forefront in the meantime.

Put All Skill Sets To Use

It’s your job as project manager to get to know your team, so you can leverage their skills in the best way possible. You might find your team consists of a Data Analyst with UX skills or a Web Developer with a strong SEO background. This can help level out your team and make projects run smoother, but can also reveal some talent you didn’t know was there. Now your team is stronger than you ever knew.

Now that you have a few tools in your belt for managing the resources in your next project, we can also help you find the project itself!


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