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Project Runway and Project Management

My name is Danielle and I am a huge fan of Project Runway. here I said it! I don’t know what fascinates me — if it is watching Tim Gunn with his sweet but honest critiques or the face of Nina Garcia as an atrocious outfit walks down the runway…I know I should give up this addiction, but can’t seem to outgrow it. I am even watching the abomination — Project Runway Allstars — no Heidi, no Tim…

Rather than give it up, I was determined to find value, depth and inspiration from this indulgence.

BAM! It hit me last night — Project Runway is the reality show equivalent of Project Management and might I be so bold as to say, life management. I know you are shaking your head, but read on and prepare to be enlightened.

Project Runway

Project Management

Life Management

Cut Throat competition of typically wacky designers

Highly competitive field with professionals from various backgrounds

High School

Each challenge receives a miniscule budget & a trip to Mode

Budget Estimates, SLA requirements of +/-5% spend

Planning for Retirement, children’s college tuition, mortgage…

Catchy phrases: Make it work!

Do More with Less!

Aldi – here we come!

Brutal review from the judges panel

Audits, audits, audits

Report cards, annual assessments, IRS!

Bryant Park fashion show

Go Live!

First professional job

Yes, we can learn much from Heidi Klum and her stunning cast, up until the finale. I do love watching one winner emerge victorious, but I believe each of us can be that victor. We each hold the power as Tim Gunn says to “Make it work!”.

We control the effort we put into each project and whether we hit our budget or not, we are each responsible for defining our own success. Write your project goals, but more importantly, your life goals. See them, believe them, and achieve them – so that you will never have to hear Heidi tell you “auf wiedersehen”.

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