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Recruiter Report: Exploring Different Workspace Vibes

KellyMitchell IT Staffing

Once upon a time, there were three friends who all worked in different types of work environments. Tom worked in a traditional office setting. He was a creature of habit who loved the structure and routine. Tom was always the first one in the office and the last one to leave — driven to climb the corporate ladder and be successful. Sarah, on the other hand, was a free spirit, a freelancer who worked from home — sometimes in her pajamas. Loving the flexibility of working from home, her creative spirit soared. And there was David, the entrepreneur, who ran his own business from a coworking space. A bit of a risk-taker, he was always looking for new challenges, and he wasn't afraid to fail. He loved the excitement of running his own business, and he always looked for ways to grow and expand. Where do you fit? 

Choosing the right workplace is an important decision. It can have an impact on your career satisfaction and personal well-being. With so many factors to consider, like opportunities for growth, a value for work-life balance, or a collaborative environment, where do you start? That’s where we can help identify what the right fit for you would look like based on your values and priorities. We’re going to explore different types of workspaces out there: modern, traditional, coworking, home, or the great outdoors. Discover where you thrive! 


Traditional Office Space  

The traditional office is the classic work environment and has been around for decades — remember that one show, “The Office.” That is a good example of a traditional office space. It is typically characterized by its structure and organized environments with dedicated workspaces for each employee with its cubicles, private offices, and shared common areas housing water coolers. This type of office design provides structure while still offering a sense of community and camaraderie with easy access to colleagues and managers. 

The Creative Chaos 

Swing the pendulum in the complete opposite direction and walk into a creative office space with beanbag chairs and whiteboard walls. A far cry from the traditional office, in this space, ideas fly, colors pop, and the rules are meant to be broken. Here is a space where artists, designers, and other creative types tend to thrive in the midst of organized chaos. The open and flexible design also provides easy access to colleagues and resources intermixed with a sense of energy and excitement. 

The Buzzing Coworking Space 

Another type of modern office option is a coworking space. A haven for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, this is a place where people come together to work, network, and collaborate. A shared workspace typically incorporates an open floor plan and shared amenities with a diverse community of workers. This office space is designed to provide a cost-effective and flexible work environment. 

The Great Outdoors 

Have you ever seen people working outdoors? Some companies even offer outdoor office spaces, where employees can work in the fresh air and sunshine. Definitely a non-traditional work environment gaining popularity among companies, this type of surrounding promotes employees’ well-being and productivity. Fresh air, natural surroundings, and relaxing atmosphere — this workspace boosts creativity and reduces stress by connecting with nature! 

The Comfort of Home 

For many people, the most comfortable work environment is their home. This type of arrangement offers a number of benefits, such as flexibility, reduced stress, and no more commuting! Characterized by familiarity and comfort, this type of workspace can be distraction-free, so you’re able to be more productive if that’s the right fit for you. Talent Works shared a study that that 37% of employees feel that flexible working aids productivity.  

Now more than ever, we’re seeing different workplace environments. One of the first questions we ask candidates is what type of work model they’re looking for. From there, we can help connect them to the right opportunity. Most commonly we find people loving the hybrid work model where you have the best of both worlds – the comfort of working from home with no commute, but also the interaction and collaboration with your peers in an office! — Gretchen Olwig, the Senior Director of Talent Engagement 

Regardless of your personality, there's a workspace out there that's perfect for you. It may look a little different than what you expect, but there are a variety of other work environments to choose from — each with its own unique vibe. So, whether you're a creative type who thrives in chaos or a more traditional worker who prefers the structure of an office, discover where you can be your most productive and fulfilled. In the vast and varied landscape, workplaces are as diverse as the people who populate them. Once we help you determine what you're looking for, we can start to explore opportunities that align with your values. 

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Are you ready to find what suits your personality and preference? Contact us today! 


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