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Scientists, Hygienists, Explorers: Three Essential Big Data Crew Members

Scientists, Hygienists, Explorers: Three Essential Big Data Crew Members

It is typically thought that scientists belong in labs, hygienists belong in dentist’s offices and explorers belong in 1492, but it turns out they are all vital members of a successful Big Data team according to this collaborative article posted on the HBR blog. Why? Because all three have functions greatly needed to organize, filter, and connect all this data. Here’s what they do and how to position yourself for each role.

1. Data Hygienists (Cleaners) find redundancies and clean up the data so it is ready for a seamless transition. As a kid, a data hygienist was putting the round pegs in the round holes before preschool. If you are thinking a Data “Hygienist” is the type of role for you, we have gathered some keywords to include in your resume and job profiles to attract Big Data projects.

Keywords to use in positioning yourself towards a Data Hygienist position:

  • Data cleaning, scrubbing, or cleansing

  • Removing or correcting errors

  • Data enhancement, harmonization or standardization

  • Data integrity management

2. Data Explorers (Miners) are the subject matter experts with a goal to find the important pieces of information and weed out the unnecessary filler that someone unfamiliar with the company or project wouldn’t be able to know. A data explorer will classify some groups of data as important for one outcome and others as important for another. Knowing which is which is key for this role. Sound like you? Here are some ways to position yourself for a Big Data “Explorer” type position.

Keywords to use in positioning yourself towards a Data Explorer position:

  • Knowledge discovery

  • Cluster analysis

  • Anomaly detection

  • Data classification

  • Mining techniques

  • Database skills

3. Data Scientists (Experimenters) put the hypotheses to work by building models for the cleaned, weeded data to be transported into relevant solutions. This is the only role of the three that comes up as an actual job title in search for Big Data positions and it is commonly used in other aspects of the IT industry. Show a Big Data recruiter that you are a Data Scientist on the next Big Data opening by including some of the following terms in your resume and profile.

Keywords to use in positioning yourself towards a Data Scientist position:

  • Predictive analytics

  • Interpreting data

  • Trend spotting, inquisitive

  • Communication skills, business acumen, ability to present findings

  • Math and statistics skills

  • Relationship analysis

  • Data mining

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