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Navigating the Job Hunt: How to Search for Jobs Online

how to search for jobs online

Are you entering the world of online job searching? With just a few clicks and a dash of tech-savviness, you can find opportunities from the comfort of your couch. Grab your cup of coffee as we delve into hunting for jobs online. The new age of the internet makes job searching easier. With everything at your fingertips, you can leverage different resources to maximize your search efforts. Knowing where to begin is the first step. Here are some ways you can hunt for jobs online.

Hike the Trails

Job boards act like job search engines. The platforms, like Career Builder, Indeed, and Dice, are great resources for open jobs. Niche, or specialty, job boards show industry-specific openings. These are a great starting point if you are looking for a new role in a particular field — like IT. You can typically create a profile and opt in to be notified of similar jobs you may be interested in as they become available! KM’s job board makes it easy for you to find openings. By answering a few quick questions, you can explore new job opportunities based on your responses! It's a personalized experience — made just for you!

Off the Beaten Path

As a team of networking recruiters, of course we’re all over LinkedIn, but Reddit is another fantastic way to stay up to date with opportunities. It is often referred to as the "front page of the internet" because of its vast and diverse collection of user-generated content on a wide range of topics. Reddit is organized into individual communities called "subreddits," each dedicated to a different subject like Job Openings, or narrowed down by location — like Chicago Jobs. Reddit may be a bit off the beaten path, but it’s a great resource to explore!

A Popular Route

While LinkedIn may have started out as a professional social network, it has transformed into a well-known resource where everyone is hanging out these days including employers, employees, job seekers, and recruiters. There are 300 million users! And, LinkedIn posts 3 million jobs every month — including KellyMitchell jobs! Its built-in features, like the easy-apply option, make it just that — easy! You don’t have to customize your resume and cover letter for each application. The platform is a place where you can share information and connect!

Elevatus shares that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to collect data to quickly fill positions, so now is your time to shine and get noticed! You can leverage LinkedIn to build online rapport and trust by sharing your personal brand with a well-built profile. Your professional features and achievements on your profile help you stand out. But beyond that, LinkedIn recommends positions based on your inclination to certain industries and your activity. Its built-in features help you connect with others and opportunities, but there are other platforms you can tap into to network too!

Network Like a Social Butterfly

Remember the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? In the digital age, it’s not just who you know, but who you connect with online.” It’s time to unleash the power of social media – we've moved past the cat videos and memes! Join professional groups, participate in discussions, and interact with influencers in your field. Networking — like a social butterfly — has never been so easy or fun! You can follow companies on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you know where you want to work, engage with the hiring managers or accounts that could share job opportunities as they become available. Employers may check out your personal profile — just something to keep in mind.

Now that you've explored different resources in online job hunting, you're ready to navigate the job listings and emerge triumphant! The digital landscape can be vast and unpredictable, but with the right tools and a dash of determination, you can be ready to conquer it. Happy job hunting!

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If you are searching for a new job online, visit KellyMitchell’s career site here.


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