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Thanks to Our Moms...


In honor of Mother's Day, we'd like to give a shout out to all of our awesome Moms out there! Thanks for all that you do!


“Thanks to my mom I know how to be a good parent.” – Vince Hames-Frazier


“Thanks to my mom…I am the hard-working, direct, sassy, independent woman I am today!” – Jen Zang


“My mom is and has always been my life support!  She makes it possible to live out my passion and grow KellyMitchell while simultaneously growing my family. #lifecoach #freebabysitter #firstconsultantiknew #willnevertellmeno #bestgrandmaever – Cassandra Sanford


“Thanks to my mom….without you I would not be the person I am today.  Thank You for always being there for me no matter how far apart we may be!  There is so much that you have taught me and I find myself becoming more and more like you (there’s no person I’d rather be), it’s like the saying says ‘sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out.’  I love you!” – Amy Zbaren


“Thanks to my mom I’m not afraid to strive to live my best life, and maybe dance on a few tables along the way! My mom is a total odd bird, but before she was organizing bar crawls with her middle-aged ladies or cruising around town in her red convertible, she was a super advocate for all her kids. Particularly my mom has been fierce busting down barriers for my brother, who is Deaf-  getting interpreters, insisting sign language was in our household, bringing us all together in both hearing and Deaf communities despite often having no idea what she was doing!

I’ll be spending Mother’s day with my whole family in Austin to witness my brother’s graduation. With all the Mexican food down there, I can’t wait for a whole weekend of her mispronouncing the word “chipotle” a billion times.” – Theo Daly


“Thanks to my mom…..For always being the glue that holds our family together. Over the past few months she has had to become the backbone of our family (immediate and extended). She always makes sure everyone is taken care of and is okay. She is always there to offer advice and be an ear to listen to. We know we look similar but that’s okay, I am my mother’s daughter and I’m very proud to be like her!” – Jessica Russell


“Throughout my life my mom has been a rock for me. I spent every minute of my early years with her, and I still appreciate so much about her. Most of my personality comes from her, and we are more alike than I would care to admit. She’s a thoughtful and caring person and will do anything for her kids. Thanks for everything mom!” – Blaise Bussell


“Thanks to my mom… For being my #1 fan. For putting up with a household full guys growing up and trying to keep us in check. For teaching me the basics of laundry/cooking. For raising me a Cub’s fan. For allowing me to realize that it’s ok to be human and make mistakes. For the laughter/embarrassments and letting me realize that you must laugh at yourself every now and then. For teaching me how to respect others. For my really really bad dance moves. For encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone (especially when making a big decision, like taking on a new job in Chicago). For teaching me about hard work and persistency. For always being the life of the party. For always being there for my wins... and losses. For showing interest and trying to understand my job, even though you really don’t have a clue. For showing me the importance of friends and family. For doing your job as a mom daily, in addition to your actual job. For being you… never change Jules! Love ya mom!” –Ben Carlin


“Thanks to my mom, I know the true meaning of love. My mom is a constant advocate for me and supporting me to become the very best person I can be. I've watched as my mom's made countless sacrifices for everyone in our family and has always done so with a smile and love in her heart. She has taught me to be a strong woman, starting at 7 years old, sitting in the car belting Dixie Chicks all the way to numerous twist and turns I threw at her as a college student and now an "adult". Thanks mom for catching me when I fall and always helping build me back up. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you!” – Katie Zimmerman


“Thanks to my Mom for teaching me kindness, the value of family, and the Electric Slide. While she always puts others first, she still knows how to have a great time! Love you, Mom!” – Lauren Bodenschatz

“Thanks to my mom for being a constant motivator, my biggest cheerleader, and the most selfless person I know. Thanks to my mom for always being my excuse (“sorry, my mom said I couldn’t”) and for answering the excessive amount of phone calls I make to her daily.  I love her endlessly!” –Emily Markarian


“Thanks to my mom, I have never had to highlight or dye my hair. So grateful for that natural blond gene (oh and all the love, time, help, support and advice she’s given over the last 36 years)!” – Jamie Orf


“Thanks to my mom…for being my support system and role model! She taught me to be friendly to everyone, work hard for something you want, and to always get involved in whatever community you’re in. She’s the best! ❤” – Gretchen Olwig


“Thanks to my mom, I have learned to always cherish family, laugh at the small stuff, and give without expectations. Every day I become a bit more like my mother… and I couldn’t be any prouder!” – Lauren Sutton


“Thanks to my Mom for sharing her stellar shoe closet with me since 2006! Sometimes it’s the little things that really matter 😊 But seriously, my Mom’s the most kind-hearted person I know and my #1 fan – I can’t thank her enough for everything!! Love you, Mom!” – Ariel Strieker


“Thank you mom, for teaching me about hard work and independence. All that I am and all that I do, I owe it all to you.” –Shannon Hernandez


“Thanks to my mom for raising my sister and I to become confident women! She always said, “Empowered women, empower women!” –Kaley Borchardt


“My mom always said to be true to yourself, words I still live by.  She taught me to be humble, kind and to try and make everyone who I encountered leave feeling a little better about themselves.” –Erin Dean


“Thanks to my mom… she has taught me to be strong, independent and always willing to go the extra mile, for everyone and in every situation. To never give up and always persevere.” –Michelle Bryant


“Thanks to my mom.... For bringing to me into this world. For loving me unconditionally (even though it can be very difficult sometimes). For picking me up from the police station in high school without telling my dad. For mailing me beer money when I was a broke college student (also without my dad knowing). For being the loudest screamer at my sporting events growing up and embarrassing the hell out of me. For showing me that a sense of humor is important and that laughter can better any situation. For being the best cook known to man (don't debate me on this you will lose). For teaching me how to respect others. For preaching to me to help others when they are down and that loyalty goes a long way. For giving me advice through life's most difficult challenges. For instilling in me that hard work can trump natural talent any day. For being an absolute angel in disguise! Love you to the moon and back Judy!!!!” –Rich Gallaghe


“Thanks to my mom, I have a motherly personality, a love of home décor, and a no-chip manicure addiction. More importantly, she’s taught me the meaning of hard work and unconditional love and I’m forever grateful for her. Thanks Mom!” – Ellen Hickey


"Thanks to my mom, I know the proper way to make a martini, that I should *never* experiment with blonde highlights ever (again), and most importantly – how to be a present parent. We may not look alike, but there's no one else I'd rather grow up to be than my mom." – Gina Chisholm


“Thanks to my mom and my grandma, I know that always making others feel welcomed and valued is fundamental to lifelong relationships. 😊” –Brittany Nelson


“Thanks to my mom… For being my biggest fan, life-coach, and always pushing me to be my best self!  Happy Mother’s Day!" – Ryan Earles

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