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This Week in Big Data Headlines

This week in Big Data headlines is a collection of the most interesting articles and stories related to Big Data over the past week. Many writers are trying to figure out how to solve the Big Data equation as it continues to change the way companies understand their data. The following five articles round out this week’s news and theories on how Big Data creates jobs, finds relationships, and influences education.

The Evolution of Big Data into Three Subsets

Big Data’s subsets: Smart Data, Identity Data, and People Data as compared to the human evolution of fire, the wheel, and wheat. This is an interesting way of looking at the direction Big Data is headed.


Big Data Arrives in the Classroom at Harvard

A Harvard stats class is now learning Big Data methodologies in an effort to keep up with the future of understanding information. Open to seniors and grad students, the class aims at group collaboration which, while unlike a typical statistics course, is designed to reflect the dynamics of working on a real Big Data project.

[from Harvard Gazette]

Scientists, Hygienists, Explorers: Three Essential Big Data Crew Members

If you are looking for a job in Big Data, take a look at this article explaining three essential roles and how to position yourself for each. The idea is that since Big Data has created these specialized roles, companies don’t always call them the same thing so we provided you with some keywords to include in order to make yourself relevant to these types of jobs.

[from KellyMitchell]

Infographic: Big Data vs. Relevant Data: Intelligence that Matters

via [from Huffington Post]

Big Data is Used to Show Relationships Between World Leaders

Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) analyzed data from news sources to create word clouds that reveal insight into international relations. This was done to illustrate the connection news sources make to certain leaders when talking about other leaders. The example below is a cloud created from a collection of articles written about Barack Obama.

[from Washington Post]

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