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Gratitude Moment: What We’re Thankful for in Recruiting

Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday season is here, and gratitude is top of mind for many! Friendsgiving came once again at KellyMitchell, bringing in all types of delicious, mouth-watering dishes! Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberries — fresh and canned — all covered the KM kitchens at hubs nationwide. We asked our recruiters what they are most thankful for this year in the industry. Here are the results:

  • Candidate Experience

  • AI Tools

  • Data-Driven Approach

This was their year to shine!

An Emphasis on the Experience

When a holiday rolls around, we make preparations. Excited hands work to create the perfect atmosphere. We decorate spaces and make plans because it’s all about the experience. This year the focus on a good candidate's experience during the hiring process was a popular and prevalent topic. A personalized process is key — especially in IT where there is a wide range of talent levels. We have the privilege of being matchmakers in the professional realm. The joy of connecting talented individuals with the right career opportunities is a source of immense satisfaction. In a world where finding the perfect job can be challenging, recruiters play a pivotal role in guiding individuals toward fulfilling and meaningful positions.

People are our business, and relationships are our priority! We focus our time on ensuring you have a strong candidate experience, so we can help you in the best way possible. When you search for your next role, we keep in mind your skills, goals, work style, and preferred workplace culture. We connect with you directly, so your resume has a face that we can share when we personally connect with hiring managers. Our team focuses on communication, and we put our energy and expertise into your success. During the recruitment process, you stay informed throughout the whole process. We do this because we are thankful to be your recruiter! We want to ensure you have the best experience.

Serving Up a Side of AI

A new “side dish” is gaining traction in the recruitment realm, and it's a staple at our table this year. After a taste of AI, recruiters are thankful for the benefits, but there are other dishes we’re eating at the table too! We see AI’s benefits in DEI. AI helps to limit bias toward race, gender, age, ethnicity, etc. This way hiring managers can hire based on qualifications alone. AI-powered recruitment tools are generative, and we recognize that these tools will continue to play a significant role in the recruitment industry. According to the Data Scientist, AI encourages and helps with:

  • Blind Screening

  • Data-Driven Candidate Selection

  • Creating Specialized Assessments

  • Data Analytics

AI means more data and automated data parsing; something to be thankful for! AI makes a significant impact on data-driven decisions.

Data-Driven Conversations

Our goal this Thanksgiving was to identify what we’re thankful for in recruiting this year. At KellyMitchell, one topic circulating our Friendsgiving conversations is data-driven decisions. In a data-driven staffing process, we use proven information to determine that the process we have in place is working and where we can improve – from recruiting to hiring and while you are employed. Data from assessments can be used to measure abilities, personality tendencies, and work preferences. Finding where you want to be, and the right team is what we’re here to do for you, and data helps expedite the process!

LinkedIn dives deeper into this approach in the eBook: Data-Driven Recruiting here. But, as Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte shares: “The old fashioned fuddy-duddy HR department is changing. The Geeks have arrived. Today, for the first time in the fifteen years, I’ve been an analyst, human resources departments are getting serious about analytics. And I mean serious.” Data-driven recruiting is something we’re thankful for!

As KM teams sit down this Thanksgiving, we are excited to identify and share what we are thankful for in the recruiting and staffing world: you and what’s popular that continues to gain traction! We are always looking for better ways to match you to career-changing opportunities at leading companies. Are you in the middle of a job search for the right position and on the right team? We can help you network on a larger scale!

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Join Our #Friendsgiving table! You can search for open positions on our career site here!


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