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What Our Dads Have Taught Us

What Our Dad's Have Taught Us

“Although it may appear to be small, or even closed, the window of opportunity is always open. Don’t be afraid to take a chance when you see it.”

-Mark LoCigno


“If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right!”

-Cassandra Sanford

Reba and Dad

“My dad is always bringing people together, making people smile and is just a highlight in every room. He has taught me to approach each day with a smile and gratitude. Something he passed down from his dad that he would always say to me when I was frustrated with someone or a situation was “maybe you should look in the mirror.” Ultimately saying you’re the problem. Haha. So figure out how to make it work.”

-Rebecca Boyer


“The biggest lesson my dad wanted impress upon me was work hard for your financial independence. Everyone has their own definition of success, but no matter what, you need to work hard to live the life you want to live. Also, he taught me at a very young age to adapt. No matter what the situation is, or who you are surrounded by, adapt and make the most of each day. And finally, very simply put, quit pouting and go play. There was no pouting allowed in our household. If you didn’t like something, you either had to change it or you had to change your attitude about it”.

-Shannon Hernandez


“I’m a huge daddy’s girl. Everything I am is due to his influence. I’m trying to think of a specific piece of advice but really it was just everything. He taught me to just go for it… that I’m capable of doing anything my heart desires. He taught me to have fierce love and loyalty and respect for those that I love. And to stand up for myself and others… and never take shit from anyone. He also taught me to lighten up… and not take life too seriously… to have fun and enjoy life. He taught me these things not just from his words but more so from his actions”.

-Delena Verhey

Soph and her dad

“My Dad is not the kind of dad that sits me down to give advice. His life lessons have always been shown by his actions. Throughout my life, my Dad has always made me recognize and value my self-worth by his love, compassion, and support. My Dad has taught me that there is nothing I can’t accomplish. He has made me a strong, motivated, hardworking woman & for that, I am forever grateful.”

-Sophia Georgantonis


“Life is short — Eat pie for breakfast. Take one day at a time. Work hard. Remember to smile, embrace your “Strieker cheeks” and take more pictures than you know what to do with!”

-Ariel Strieker

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“Do what you say and say what you mean.”

-Lindsay Maldonado

Megs Dad

“As far as advice goes, it’s hard to pick just one piece. He always has a way of being right about just about everything. He has taught all of us the importance of hard work and family. He would always say, ‘You are a Haggerty.’ And we knew that meant to be good to one another, and do good in this world. ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’ He is the truest man for others and taught us to live that way every day. Oh, and to appreciate the taste of a good Irish Whiskey!”

-Megan Hinchy


"My dad in particular has always encouraged my curiosity as a method of continual education, especially since graduating university. That and that practice makes perfect, except when it comes to golf. With golf if you can't play well you might as well look good while attempting to play well."

-Katie Zimmerman


“My Dad taught all of us to say yes many, many, many, MANY more times than you say no. Which is probably how he ended up with 4 of us ;)”

Lizzie Martin


“My dad taught me that he will always be my biggest supporter. It started with piggy back rides, evolved into long hours of algebra at the kitchen table and at 30 years old he still stands by my side as my personal handyman and 401(k) planner. If you have an amazing dad like mine, you’ll realize how incredibly fortunate you are.”

-Jessica Gericke

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