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What's Your Project Management Style?


Good Project Managers inspire vision through efficient communication and task delegation. Personality, experience, and natural instincts also play a part in a Project Manager’s management style which can effect the project’s outcome immensely.

It’s good to know what type of management style you lean towards so you can better represent yourself in interviews and become more self-aware as you take on your next project. Here are three management styles used by Project Managers, which one are you closest to?

Authoritarian (Autocratic) Project Management Style

Authoritarian Project Managers take an all-senior approach, quickly making decisions without consulting team members. While this is effective in larger team environments with lower skilled employees, it can create a divide between manager and employee communication that can hinder moral and motivation.

Democratic Project Management Style

Democratic Project Managers will allow employees to make their own choices when it comes to project decisions. This highly motivating approach works well in projects where employees are hired to be the expert in their particular role.

Paternalistic Project Management Style

Paternalistic Project Managers will involve the team in the decision making process. This approach takes longer to come to a decision, but makes the team feel included which boosts motivation and moral. The Paternalistic Project Manager will decide based on the best interest of everyone involved.

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