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Firework Worthy Staffing Solutions

Why IT Staffing

It’s that time of the year again...backyard BBQs, bicycle parades, and exploding firework shows. Happy Independence Day! While you’re donning red, white, and blue in honor of the 4th, check out four reasons why businesses choose to work with staffing companies like us!

You could call today the digital age — the time to have a talented and skilled IT team in place. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “LinkedIn data predicts the capacity for digital [technical] jobs to expand by 149 million new jobs from 2020 to 2025, leading to a stunning 29% compound annual growth rate worldwide over the period.” This growth will most certainly lead to more demand for highly skilled candidates (and recently listed on the Largest IT Staffing Firms in the US List by Staffing Industry Analysts [SIA]), we’re excited to see IT demand continue to grow!

Are you on the hunt for talent and skills? With the help of firecracking IT recruiters, you can quickly find qualified professionals who have what you need to take your business to the skies! Our IT staffing and project services help fill your business with the best and brightest tech experts and build standout project teams.

A Sky of Knowledge

Companies are growing faster than ever as technology continues to move towards an elusive and exciting finish line. As advancements are made, new projects are launched. Now’s the time to find new talent, optimize resources, and enjoy the grand finale — all while on a determined budget.

To light up the skies, the right skills and qualifications need to be identified for an applaud-worthy performance. Once this information has been gathered, the recruitment process begins. Many businesses look to partner with staffing firms who are experts in addressing client challenges, providing solutions, and expediting the recruitment process. When you find the right one, you’ll know. Clients love working with KM, which is why we’re excited to share our NPS score of 83.1 and a 4.9/5 Star Rating!

Sparkling Job Descriptions

Job descriptions help identify skills or abilities necessary for a position. shares that “the requirements, information, and wording in job descriptions are often sources of bias, confusion, and frustration for job candidates and employees.”

Stellar job descriptions use evidence-based, data-driven approaches. Drafting the descriptions can be a delicate process of describing the ideal candidate that is envisioned, and many clients lean on their staffing client partners’ expertise in crafting the description, additionally saving time during the hiring process.

A Burst of Talent

IT staffing companies like KellyMitchell have access to and established relationships with a network of candidates qualified for various IT roles, from Software Developers and Data Analysts to Cybersecurity experts and Network Administrators. These firework-worthy candidates are right at our fingertips. KM strategically matches IT professionals to strengthen your team.

Our recruiters are familiar with our candidates’ soft skills, tech stack, and overall knowledge to determine if they’re a good fit for the team. In other words, we know the “who’s who” of tech. Are you ready to optimize the job recruitment process, shorten the hiring cycle and improve the quality of the candidates?

Streamlined Hiring Process

Companies choose to work with a staffing company to establish a streamlined hiring process. Just as a firework show grand finale needs to be timed perfectly, staffing companies understand and prioritize timing and processes as they relate to each client. Clients can consider the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and specific selection-based requests — handled!

In IT staffing, we make it possible for leading organizations to find the highly skilled professionals they need. Our role is to take the hiring responsibilities off your workload by managing the tasks related to finding new employees. We take on your efforts to fill both long-established and emerging IT roles because we know, no one wants more on their plate — except for maybe more perfectly grilled summer BBQ!

If you are ready to leverage the expertise of qualified and reliable staffing experts and benefit from enhanced efficiency, productivity, and innovation, send us a message! Our team of experienced recruiters will help find the right talent quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on driving growth and achieving your business objectives. Let’s work together — We can see the firework finale already!


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