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You Might be a Project Manager If...

You might be a Project Manager if… you are the first of your friends to show up for lunch, you coordinate who orders first and demand the rest follow in a clockwise rotation, take care of the check splitting and follow up with a detailed review of the experience on Yelp. If this sounds all too familiar, read below and find out if in fact, you are meant for a career as a Project Manager.


You’re a Natural Planner

Living in the moment has been your New Year’s Resolution for the past 10 years because it’s nearly impossible to think about now when your’e busy planning the future! This always looking ahead way of thinking is generally frowned upon by spiritual gurus, but is a very positive and essential trait of the best Project Managers. So, you might be a Project Manager if… you check your calendar hourly and always know not only the next step, but the next 10 steps after that.


You’re Always Thinking ‘Big Picture’

While it is important to be very organized and detail oriented with planning your project, or next vacation, a good PM will make sure each aspect benefits the greater goal. So, you might be a Project Manager if you consider skipping a spa day on vacation because the schedule may interfere with the general purpose of the trip as a whole. With so many moving parts, a novice PM might get lost in the details of one step, but a seasoned PM will see it as a smaller piece of the bigger puzzle and find a way out of the rut.


You’ve Got Serious Leadership Skills

Having the ability to build and maintain a powerful, successful team takes some real talent. Project Managers are tasked with maintaining solid communication between all stakeholders, including relaying project goals to team members efficiently and without sending someone to the bar before happy hour. You might be a project manager if you can walk the fine line between inspiring leader and annoying dictator and have the positive results to prove it.

After reading this, do you think you are Project Manager material? If so, and if you have some skills to back it up, you can find your next PM gig on our careers' page. If you already are a Project Manager and want to join our little game, tweet your own ending to the sentence “You might be a project manager if…” with the hashtag #PMprobs.

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