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You Might be a Rockstar Technical Recruiter If...

Chances are, if you’re between the ages of 20 and 40, you’ve got a friend that works at an IT staffing firm because as technology evolves, the need for qualified IT professionals to maintain today’s servers, networks, programs, and data infrastructures has grown to near-desperate. Companies simply cannot thrive without stellar IT help these days, so hiring managers tasked with weeding through resumes with no real grasp on these new tech skill sets have turned to experts in finding just the right IT professionals for their niche needs.

Enter the IT Recruiter. IT Recruiters often come from a technology background and have an interest or knowledge of emerging technology, but what other skills do they bring to the table? Are you interested in knowing whether or not you’d make a good IT Recruiter? You have come to the right blog! We have jotted down a few ways you will know if you are IT Recruiter material.

You’re a Matchmaker –

If you have that innate ability to connect people based on commonalities they may not have ever realized themselves, you might make an excellent IT Recruiter. IT Recruiters are connectors, they can see beyond the resume and understand how the person behind it might really enjoy the culture of one company over another. They also might be quick to grasp that although a candidate has tons of graphic design experience, they actually are very passionate about programming.

Being able to make these connections is arguably the single point of success for an IT Recruiter. “Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that, at the end of the day, one of the biggest parts of a recruiter’s job is to get the right two people in a room together.” (via Quora) So, if you have Barney Stinson-like connection skills, please apply through the links below.

You’ve Got That Competitive Spirit –

One thing most recruiter candidates are surprised to hear is that recruiting is a sales job. You have to have the determination to get out there and make your own success just like any sales gig, and in order to do so, you need to follow some basic sales principles. Manage your pipeline, stay connected, reach out, and close.

According to Margot Rampler of SmartRecruiters, “Recruiters have to sell twice; once to sell the candidate to the hiring manager and again to sell the company and the position to the candidate.” This is no joke. If you aren’t into selling and motivated by competition (with yourself and your coworkers), this job is probably not for you, but for the truly sales-minded, competitive, growth hunters, the opportunities are endless as an IT Recruiter.

You enjoy high fives –

Recruiting is no walk in the park, but it does come with some pretty sweet perks. One of them being nearly-instant gratification. Recruiting sales cycles are extremely fast-paced compared to typical sales cycles of other industries. Hiring managers need to make decisions and get new employees started within a matter of days. IT recruiting is one of the only industries where you don’t have to wait long between wins and any losses are followed quickly by a new opportunity to win, many times on the same day.

Be prepared to celebrate with your coworkers. “As you fill more jobs, the number of employees who will be grateful to you for helping them land their current job will continue to increase. Hiring managers will also be thankful that you helped to improve their team’s performance by finding and landing top candidates.” (via ERE)

After reading this, do you think you are IT Recruiter material? If so, and if you have some skills to back it up, shoot us your resume, we are hiring Technical Recruiters in the following cities:

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