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You Might be a Web Developer If...

You might be a Web Developer if… your friends refer to you as Macgyver, you have used the phrase “The customer is always right,” and you have never seen a Starbucks line that was too long. If this sounds all too familiar, read below and find out if in fact, you are meant for a career as a Web Developer.

You Are Resourceful

Time is rarely on a web developer’s side, so a good Web Developer needs to know how to save it, use it wisely, and if possible make more of it. The best Web Developers have a natural tendency to use what already exists to save time, and make work more efficient. Sharing code and web development experience can go far beyond your immediate web team.

There are many web development tools and libraries out on the internet full of tips and tricks shared by developers just like you. Once you become familiar with code hosting libraries online, the next time you come up with your own short-cut, put it out there, you may receive some online accolades from your peers.

You Are a Consumer Advocate

Lots of websites out there are all wrong, and the main reason is that they were built from the seller’s perspective and not the buyer’s. While it is essential to have the business acumen and communication skills to interpret the needs of the company you work for, the very best Web Developers have a secret loyalty to their consumer audience. Being a natural UX designer will pay off when your stakeholders see the results of your consumer-friendly design.

You Are Abnormally Patient

If you don’t mind long lines, slow internet connections, and traffic, you might be cut out for the testing, retesting, and even more testing that is required of a Web Developer. Creating a website is a lot like creating a baby, once it’s born you have to keep an eye on it constantly, make adjustments as it grows and changes, and when it catches a virus that won’t quit, you have to try and fix it until it’s gone! The best Web Developers know it’s not the designing that’s the hard part, it is the maintenance after launch!

After reading this, do you think you are Web Developer material? If so, and if you have some skills to back it up, click here and find your next WD gig. If you already are a Web Developer and want to join our little game, tweet your own ending to the sentence “@KellyMitchellgp You might be a web developer if…”

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