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11 Reasons KellyMitchell is Not the Workplace for You

Here at KellyMitchell we get asked a lot “what makes a great KM employee”? And while there are some things that are intrinsic, unteachable or just role specific, we did come up with a few things that would exclude you from being a great KMer. If any of these are the case, it’s not us, it really would be you.

You don’t like living and working in super cool cities.

We’re not the only ones who are big fans of the cities we work in. Glassdoor recently ranked four of our home cities, in the top 25 Best Cities for Jobs. Minneapolis, St. Louis and Chicago all made the list, as well as Seattle, who took the #3 slot.

You’re not a people person.

Whether its our clients, consultants or our coworkers one of the best perks of working at KM is all the awesome people you get to interact with. That being said, if people just aren’t really ‘your thing’ best to keep looking for something better suited for your “personality”.

You don’t like working with some of biggest names in business.

At KellyMitchell we are lucky to work with some of the coolest Fortune 500 companies and high-tech organizations. But hey, if that isn’t your speed then we get it… Well kinda.

You don’t play hard AND work hard.

We play hard and work hard. We believe in a strong work/life balance and as an organization we work hard to support our employees in achieving this.

You like doing the same thing everyday.

If you seek out monotony and all thing routine then you’ve come to the wrong place. No two days are the same here and that’s just the way we like it.

You’re not big on holidays and celebrations.

Trust us- there’s nothing wrong with ice cream or martinis (even together), we just tend to prefer our celebrations with friends. And at KellyMitchell we never miss an opportunity to celebrate, whether it’s Halloween, a baby shower, National Cubicle Day or just a Wednesday we’ve got it covered.

You don’t like giving back.

We have a hard time imagining why this would even need to be on this list. But behind KM are some pretty awesome communities who support and inspire us. We never miss a chance to give back to them whether it’s monthly donations or community gardening we’re there.

Awards mean nothing to you.

Not trying to brag or anything but we’ve got some pretty awesome bling in our hypothetical trophy case. Whether it’s an Inc. 5000 placement or a Best of Staffing award we take our awards seriously because they mean we’re going above and beyond.

You don’t like free swag.

Reese Witherspoon once said “If it’s not moving, monogram it”, well we say the same thing just instead of a monogram, we put KellyMitchell on it. And you’ll see us around town rocking our koozies, jackets and even flip flops proudly. But hey if you prefer to pay for your stuff then you do you.

Company outings aren’t really your thing.

Sometimes it’s Cardinals games, sometimes its office happy hours. Whatever it is, we’re lucky that we genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other so if you prefer to be a hermit, then maybe do that on your own time.

You don’t like dip.

And finally, #11 (because you know, 10 was just too mainstream for us). We’re big fans of dip. Dip for your chips, dessert dips, whatever the occasion there’s a dip to match.


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