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5 Apps That Will Make Traveling for Work a Breeze

5 Apps That Will Make Traveling for Work a Breeze

Traveling for work no matter how frequently you do it, always comes with its challenges. Luckily there are a few apps out there taking some of the weight off your shoulders. So kick back and enjoy the change of scenery and new city with ease!


Being out of the office can be super disruptive to your typical work flow but CircleBack helps you manage your contacts whether you’re on the road or just on the go! Using it’s patented technology, CircleBack discovers when your contacts change jobs, title, phones and even emails so you never miss a beat when trying to reach out to them! It also pulls contacts from your email and converts their signatures to contact cards so you don’t have to. Forget juggling bulky business cards, using best in class technology their business card scanner is next level for accuracy.

Spot Hero

Ever get stuck over-paying for a parking spot in a crowded city? Park smarter with Spot Hero. Whether you’re traveling and looking to avoid the $60 nightly parking fee at your hotel, or just trying to park for a few hours while grabbing dinner with a friend, Spot Hero has you covered. With comparative pricing by location, time, and distance, you are 3 taps away from reserving a great spot at an awesome price.

Mobile Passport

On your international return flight from abroad? Last thing you want to deal with is a backed-up U.S Customs line. Mobile passport has you covered. With availability across 24 airports and 1 cruise port, you will be able to breeze through the madness. Just launch the app, answer a few questions about your trip, and head over to the mobile passport area upon arrival. Re-entry in a flash.


Trying to keep up with every password you have for each site or app is nearly impossible to begin with but then add being on the road to the mix! 1password saves all your passwords and syncs up with your phone to help keep them safe. Remembering 1 password is far simpler and quicker than the alternative.


Whether you’re traveling with friends or coworkers, Splitwise makes complicated payments a breeze! Splitwise allows you to keep a running tally over time so you can pay each other in a lump sum instead of a bunch of small ones (cough cough Venmo). Splitwise allows you to designate who owes on different items and them divvies up the total amount due to the respective lender.

BONUS APP: Postagram

Want to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them from the road? Snap a selfie or a picture of a famous landmark and use the app to quickly generate a physical postcard and send it on your behalf! So much better than an airport souvenir.

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