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5 Influential Black Tech Leaders to Follow


Whether it’s running a national non-profit to help get young women into coding or consulting with top tech companies on how to incorporate diversity into their organizations, there are so many incredible people of color making waves in the tech industry. So in honor of Black History Month, we wanted to take some time to amplify their voices because diversity is a top priority for KellyMitchell. Please check them out and follow along with these black thought leaders of the tech industry.

Jabu Dayton

Former Head of HR at AirBnb & Current Chief People Officer at Jabu HR | Twitter

Jabu Dayton is known for being a founding HR leader at companies like Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and Shyp. In her latest venture, as an HR consultant, Jabu is helping translate her learnings to other organizations in the tech world. Her work is particularly known for helping companies during times of growth to both retain culture as well as build inclusion into that culture. Jabu is a great follow on Twitter for pieces on topics like company culture and inclusion.

Chris Young

EVP of Business Development at Microsoft | Twitter

As the current EVP of Microsoft and former CEO of McAfee, Chris Young has had a front seat in the tech world for quite some time now and that doesn’t even cover his role on the Board of Directors of Snapchat and American Express. Following the death of George Floyd, Chris wrote an article for the San Jose Business Journal entitled, “Just a start to real change” about the work that needed to happen as a country and as an industry to remove racial injustices.

Ade Olonoh

Founder of Formstack & Investor at Starting Line VC | Twitter

Ade Olonoh’s rise to tech fame began in 2006 when he founded Formspring (a Q&A social media site). In 2009 he translated that experience to founding Formstack, followed by Jell, a remote teams productivity platform in 2014. Now he continues his career in tech as a Venture Partner at Starting Line. Ade is very candid about his support for Black tech entrepreneurs and issues of social justice on his social media accounts.

Ime Archibong

Head of Product Experimentation at Facebook | Twitter

Since becoming Facebook’s Head of Product Experimentation, Ime has been leading his team to find the social network’s next big thing. But when he isn’t working on a way to expand Facebook’s offerings, he is known as one of the organization’s most influential people when it comes to equality and diversity. Ime has been with Facebook for over a decade and hasn’t been shy about sharing his perspective on the intersectionality of tech and social issues, specifically around those of race. Unsurprisingly, while he is somewhat active on Twitter, you’re better off finding him on his Facebook page.

Kimberly Bryant

Founder and CEO of Black Girls CODE | Twitter

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Black Girls CODE, an incredible organization working to empower and educate young women of color to pursue careers in the tech industry. As their Founder and CEO Kimberly has led the organization towards partnering with names like Google, Adobe, and Salesforce. Beyond her work with Black Girls CODE, Kimberly is an avid advocate for discussing diversity in the tech field, specifically as it relates to candidate pipelines and unintentional biases.

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