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5 Podcasts to Improve Your Commute

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The average time to commute to work is 25.4 minutes in the United States. With radio being more advertising than music these days, commutes have become more and more monotonous. Since we don’t have the budget to send you all helicopters to make your commutes faster, we thought we would offer some podcast suggestions. Almost the same thing right?

Freakonomics: Question of the Day

This is a great option for those with shorter commutes. With new questions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, this podcast is sure to help you answer those burning questions you didn’t even know you had! All while speeding up your commute!

Stuff You Missed in History Class

For the history buff in training, Tracy and Holly, help breakdown what you think you learned in 10th grade history but maybe only spent 30 minutes on. With topics varying from the Eruption at Heimaey to the Women of Bauhaus, the topics span such a wide breadth of subjects these will keep your commutes from being anything short of informative.

Planet Money

This NPR podcast explores the latest happenings with the economy. Posed to feel like a chat between friends, Planet Money takes on heavy topics like Brexit and Bitcoin but makes them accessible for even the least financially inclined of us.

FW: Thinking

This podcast acts as a cross-section between technology, humanity and the future. Whether you’re interested in robots, dinosaurs, or space, this podcast covers it from a unique perspective you won’t find elsewhere!


For all the techies out there, Codebreaker dives into technology and the role it plays in our lives. Each season focuses on a singular question and each week addresses that question from a different standpoint. Topics include data tracking, going viral and the infamous software updates.

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