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5 Tips to Summer Networking Success

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SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! And while it’s easy to have your mind set on lake trips and outdoor concerts, don’t forget to keep your next opportunity top of mind as well. To help you do that, we’ve complied some tips to maximize your summer networking success!

Join a group

If you are looking for something to do this summer or looking to expand your friend group, look no further than With groups for every interest, you’re sure to find something up your alley. The best part is that the groups don’t have to be professionally focused, the real key is just meeting new people and then the networking part will come naturally.

Take your to-do list with you

Whether it’s a road trip, weekend at the beach, or boating on the lake thanks to technology there’s so much networking you can do from wherever you are. Whether it’s sending LinkedIn messages from your phone or emails from your tablet, summertime networking doesn’t have to stop just because you’re enjoying the sunshine. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a waterproof case though!

Swing by charity events

Summer is prime time for many non-profits to have outdoor events. Sometimes these are the best places to meet mentors or network for your next opportunity. If you’re not sure how to start a conversation with someone, just acknowledge what a great event it is, why you love the cause and introduce yourself, and that should be enough to get you started. You’ll be surprised by how many people are looking to mix and mingle at these events as well.

Set up informational interviews along your travels

Wherever your travels take you this summer, don’t be shy about setting up informational interviews with someone in your network or at a company your interested in. LinkedIn is a great place to start. It’s always a bonus if you share an Alma Mater or Greek affiliation. Those types of connections will make people more receptive to the meeting. That and coffee, coffee is always a selling point.

Hit up a local patio happy hour

Everyone is finally coming out of hibernation from the cold winter months and with that means bars are reopening their patios. This always provides a great meeting spot, and happy hour specials will bring people out in droves. This makes for prime networking opportunities, and if you stick in your neighborhood, you’re likely to meet people you share mutual connections with.

If you’re summer networking goes so well and you’re looking for your next opportunity, check out the KellyMitchell profile on The Muse, because we’re hiring nationwide!


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