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6 Fastest Growing IT Occupations


According to Employment Projections for 2012-2022, IT jobs are growing 1.63 times faster than overall employment. At an increase of 17 percent by 2022, IT jobs are expected to outpace overall employment in the next ten years.  This means recent IT grads and IT professionals have a bright future ahead of them. Wondering what occupations top the list of fastest growing jobs in IT?  Here they are. The six fastest growing IT occupations of the decade are:

  1. Information Security Analysts

  2. Computer Systems Analysts

  3. Software Applications Developers

  4. Software Systems Developers

  5. Computer User Support Specialists

  6. Web Developers

We are excited to see waves of IT openings come through our pipeline, don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to find a great job in IT!


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