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Unmasking Hiring Freezes: How Recruiters Are Your Superheroes


As we navigate the fourth quarter of 2022, we see the holiday season right around the corner and anticipate another new year ahead of us. At the end of any year, the phrase “hiring freeze” tries to jump out and spook us.

Hearing that phrase can be a little scary, but rest assured — a great recruitment team [like KellyMitchell!] can help you navigate through the uncertainty and find the next nugget of opportunity.

There are many factors to consider when a hiring freeze is announced, such as contract employment, and your job seeking journey can continue! It’s often easier to get approval for a six-month project than committing to hiring an additional team member, so contract positions may not even be in a cauldron of boiling water.

Other ghoulish great news? Experts in the staffing industry project the IT jobs segment to grow at 8% next year. So while permanent opportunities may not be available while hiring freezes are in tact, critical project must still go on.

Recruiting Superheroes

The superheroes of hiring freezes are your recruiters! You can work closely with your recruiter to safely navigate the murky waters.

Recruiters vet for positions and how you will fit; it’s what they’re experts at. At KellyMitchell, we create relationships with our candidates to ensure your success, so if a hiring freeze is announced during the interview and negotiating process, your recruiter can still actively work to place you with clients who are hiring based on your qualifications and requirements. We prioritize relationships.

Don't let yourself be spooked; we help you shift roles and match your talent with the right position, while considering possibilities in a new job market.

A New Headhunting Market Exists

With the unique shifts in the workforce in recent years, most tech positions are 100% remote, which means you don’t necessarily have to uproot your entire life to begin job hunting in a new geographical area. Hiring freezes tend to be market related: West Coast vs East Coast job markets.

At KellyMitchell, our recruiters have access to tech positions across the nation and are not limited to a particular marketplace, which is the case with many other staffing firms. If there are no opportunities in one market, we can look at big players all over — the search continues!

A Fairytale Ending

Another positive and common occurrence in a hiring freeze is that most companies will convert contracted employees to full-time employees at a company. While we never like to say “goodbye,” we understand it can be the right decision for you at that time, and we do everything we can to provide support with the transition.

Hiring freezes can have a fairytale happy ending! A hiring freeze doesn’t have to be scary if you’re working with a recruiter — at least, a KellyMitchell superhero recruiter!

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Are you a talented, motivated professional looking to meet career challenges head-on? Join our team!

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