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6 Reasons Why Every KM Employee Will Tell You Working Here is Awesome

We give back in more ways than one.

Whether its during United Way Week, one of our annual volunteer days or on UW jean Fridays, at KellyMitchell, giving back is part of our DNA. We as a company take supporting our community seriously and that’s something we do both as an organization and as individuals.

We Cheer Each Other On


Our successes aren’t just our own as individuals, we share in each other’s triumph’s as colleagues. We support each other and we ring the bell when we have something to celebrate (well technically it’s a gong, yes a real gong, but that’s so much better anyways).

We Love Games


Whether its ping pong tournaments, bags (or cornhole depending on which office you’re in) or card games at lunch, we love our games. But it goes beyond just having a little fun, it’s really about spending time with our coworkers.

We Have Fun Inside and Outside the Office

Yes we have fun in the office with things like family events, Open Houses and an annual spirit week but we also do a lot of awesome things outside the offices like Escape Rooms, professional sports games and Top Golf.

We Love Social Hour

happy hour

Every Thursday, we hang out in the lounge and have a #kmsocial [we may or may not have an office keg if you are feeling so inclined!]; and, when the celebration calls for an after-5 event, all of our offices are centrally located and just a short walk to local hot spots.

We Have Some of the Best Coworkers Out There


If you ask any KMer why they love working here and they’ll inevitably say, “the people”! And we certainly don’t disagree. We even started a hashtag for it, #ifitwerentforKM for all our colleagues who became friends.

If you liked what you heard about life at KM, be sure to check out our latest open positions in Chicago since we’re looking for Technical Recruiters and a Corporate Recruiter. To learn more about life at KellyMitchell check out our profile and employee interviews on The Muse!


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