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7 Online Courses to Kick Off Your 2018 Resolutions

7 Online Courses to Kick Off Your

With 2017 in our rearview mirrors, many of us are looking to 2018 to kick habits, set goals and grow as a person. So whatever your resolution might be, there’s undoubtedly an online course to help you. So we scoured the internet and rounded up some our favorite courses.

edX was founded by Harvard University and MIT un 2012 with the aim of “offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere”. They have everyone from top universities to institutions to non-profits providing. Here we were super impressed by Berkeley’s “Effective Business Writing” course.

Wherever you are in your career, we have no doubt that we could all use a little brushing up on the basics. The course which is free (unless you’d like a Certificate then it’s $99), suggests 3-5 hours per week, over 4 weeks. It will cover composing an effective business letter, memo, and report, best practices to formatting business documents, streamlining content for effectiveness and most importantly getting your point across clearly and confidently!

Coursea is very similar to edX in terms of pulling courses from Universities. However, for between $29-$99 for the course, you’ll earn a course certificate and learn a new skill in 4-6 weeks. From Coursea, we were impressed with their offerings from The University of Chicago, Booth School’s course, “Sales Strategies: Mastering the Selling Process”.

Regardless of position or department, an understanding of sales principals can benefit almost everyone. This course is designed for beginners with 5 weeks of study requiring 3-5 hours a week.

Udemy considers itself more of a marketplace for online learning opportunities with over 55,000 course taught by expert instructors. While many of these course range in cost and time, there are many that are only an hour or so long, perfect for those who are on the go!

“OnePagerr Project Management” itself is only 1.5 hours of an on-demand video as well as an article, but you gain full lifetime access. For anyone who was looking for a structured method to organization, this course will teach you how to create and manage hundreds of small projects efficiently. And all for only $10.99 (on sale).

Khan Academy’s motto says it all. “For free. For everyone. Forever”. While Khan Academy is predominately targeted at K-12 learning, there are some super options for coding basics for those of us with little to no knowledge of those techniques. For example, there’s a great Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data course. So if your 2018 Resolution was to dip your toes into coding, here’s a low-key, free, accessible way to do it!

Skillshare is an online community which focuses on the peer-to-peer learning of skills. They’ve had 3+ million students, $5+ million paid to teachers and over 18,000 classes. Classes are more informal, based almost solely on video content.

Skillshare also offers projects and workshops so you’re bound to find something that fits your fancy. Check out “Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week”, with Skillshare’s CEO and co-founder. Lessons in the course include building a “Plan, Do, Review” strategy, exercises for prioritizing tasks, an “Ideal Week” calendar demo plus 4 app types everyone should try.

Skillwise is very similar to Skillshare (with less focus on design/art courses). Organized by categories, collections, $15 courses and even free courses, Skillwise is super user—friendly. We know many of you might’ve resolved to be more fiscally responsible, and lucky for you, Skillwise has plenty of online courses for that!

We’ve singled out From 0 to 1: Investments and Portfolio Theory. The course is only $17 which is a steal depending on how well you utilize your knowledge from the course. Plus you get a 15-Day satisfaction guarantee so what’s the harm in trying! over 6,243 courses powered by LinkedIn, taught by industry experts. This platform gives you a unique opportunity to learn from business role models like Arianna Huffington and Guy Kawasaki. Not sure if Lynda is right for you? Test it out with a free trial, you also have the opportunity to preview courses as well. We’re big fan’s of Arianna Huffington’s series, Thriving @ Work, specifically, “Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity”.

Hopefully, you’ve found something that works for you, if not we encourage you to search those resources and find something that meets your needs (we guarantee you will on one of those sites).

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If your resolution was to start looking for a new gig, check out KellyMitchell’s profile on the Muse to learn a little about our culture and our open positions.

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