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Apps for Managing Stress on the Go


Today is National Stress Awareness Day, and likely you don’t need a national holiday to know if you’re stressed or not. Hopefully, that stress isn’t a daily thing for you but more likely than not, there’s something in your life that’s weighing on you. So we wanted to take this opportunity to share what apps there are to help address these pressures and make them more manageable.


Happify is an app that uses years of research that suggests specific types of activities can help you overcome negativity, anxiety, and stress while enhancing your gratitude and empathy. Basically, the goal is to break negative patterns for new, positive habits.

Pacifica allows you to check in and track your emotions using mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. There’s also a peer support feature that allows you to join virtual support groups.

We’ve all seen those coloring books for adults and if you’ve ever given one a whirl, you know how relaxing they actually are. Maybe you’re not ready to be toting around your coloring book with your colored pencils if so this app does a great job at replicating the experience. The app allows you to enjoy some color therapy from the privacy and portability of your phone.

The self-proclaimed world’s largest emotional support system, 7 Cups offers free, anonymous and confidential online text chat with trained listeners, online therapists and counselors. Their goal is to make on-demand emotional health care readily available.

Sleep is a big component to managing our stress levels and in the same vein waking up from sleep can be done in a more natural and relaxing manner to help kick your day off the right way. Rise & Shine helps you do just that! The most popular feature allows you to wake up in a more natural manner as your phone light simulates the sun rising.

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