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Best Spots within 10 Minutes of our Seattle Office

The last time we checked in with our Seattle office, it was the holiday season and they let us in on some of the City’s best traditions. Just as the flowers are starting to bloom, our Seattle office is growing again. So in honor of that growth, we decided to highlight all the awesome things to do rain or shine in Seattle this Spring!

To get your morning started off right, swing by Top Pot Doughnuts. This Seattle original is a crowd-pleaser for those looking to gain early morning favor with bosses or coworkers. While the flavors might seem pretty standard, the secret 1920s recipe will leave even the most discerning doughnut connoisseurs wanting more!

Be sure to check out this Seattle staple! If the food itself doesn’t grab your attention, then just look out the window at the views of Puget Sound. But we guarantee the view is even better with an order of Ivar’s World Famous Fish ‘n Chips.

This is not your average Ferris wheel. This attraction can fit eight people in each gondola so it’s a great group activity! For those looking to completely immerse themselves in the experience, think about upgrading to the VIP gondola with its leather bucket seats, stereo system, and glass floor!

Don’t let the fact that this aquarium is only the 9th largest in the country. With its location right on Puget Sound, the Seattle Aquarium’s reach is far beyond its walls, and knowledge of the port city’s services is clear in its programming. Be sure to see the diver presentation in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit, where the diver talks back and forth with the audience and presenter.

That’s right Starbucks aficionados, the ORIGINAL Starbucks is a mere 10 minutes from our office. The sign, which hasn’t changed in 45 years, acts as a beacon to both tourists and locals alike on the hunt for coffee. But it’s not just the sign, it’s the whole store that’s original, floors, fixtures, the whole shebang. So brave the line or get there early but we promise it’s worth the visit.

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Do you wish your office was within 10 minutes of all of these spots?! Well come work with us, and it can be! We’re hiring for an Account Manager and Recruiter in our Seattle office!


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