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Big Data, Big Money, Big Job Openings

Did you know that during the time it took you to microwave a slice of last night’s pizza, 570 new websites were created? How about that 12 thousand IT jobs a day were created globally last year in support of big data projects? The below infographic takes us on a tour of the big data landscape, showing us just how really, really BIG big data actually is.

Retailers are benefiting from larger sales as a result of big data findings, the government loses trillions of dollars a year as a result of data inadequacies, and companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in big data projects. The most alarming stat here by far is the prediction that by 2018 the US will be short about 200,000 people with deep analytical skills and over a million managers that will be needed to support big data projects.

Being an IT recruiting firm, this means we will be slinging big data jobs for a while, but we need more people to fill them! Join our Talent Network and refer your analytical or IT management level friends and see what comes down the pipe for you. If you have the skills and business acumen needed to fill the most cutting-edge positions in IT today, we bet it will be BIG.

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Are you a talented, motivated professional looking to meet career challenges head-on? Join our team!

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