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Career Spotlight: Information Security Analyst


Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts are the gatekeepers tech world; their job is to protect your network from malware, cyber attacks, theft, and everything in between. They’re masters of security data analysis and can adapt to the ever changing technical world. Not to mention that Information Security Analysts made the top 100 jobs and best STEM jobs lists by US News.

  • Conducts technical security assessments

  • Acts as an internal consultant and offers technical expertise

  • Drives security data analytics

Common Job Titles:

Common Vocab & Skillsets

Interestingly enough, tech security experience isn’t the most important skillset you could have for this position. Yes, hiring managers definitely want to see some credentials and at least 3 years of experience in tech, but your communication skills will impress them more than anything if you want this position. Here are a few of the skillsets you should highlight throughout your career search and into the interviewing process.


CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. You can see what it takes to become certified here. Project management experience, or even certification is preferred.

Bachelor's Degree 

Bachelor's Degree is an information systems-related major or field.


Understand how to automate security actions using scripting languages like Python, Perl and Powershell.

Security Logging

Recording incidents like security breaches or an automation release. Experience here is necessary and requires excellent organization and documentation skills.


Communication skills are a must. Analysts must be able to communicate with anyone about what they do. The ability to translate technical jargon to layman terms for colleagues who have no idea what botnet is will be highly valued.


Stands for Security Event and Incident Management. SEIM is a type of software that is used to log security data. Knowledge of SEIM is a must. If you're looking to transition into this area from another, you might consider working on building on these skills and getting those "preferred" certifications we mentioned.


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