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Cassandra Sanford Head Shot- demond

SAINT LOUIS, MO – FEBRUARY 21, 2017 – Cassandra Sanford, CEO and co-founder of KellyMitchell Group, a national IT Staffing, Workforce Solutions and Consulting firm based in Clayton, Mo., has been named 2016 Business Person of the Year by the Clayton Chamber of Commerce (CCC).

The CCC has been recognizing stand-out individuals in the Clayton business community through its Business Person of the Year award for over 33 years.

“Cassandra Sanford was unanimously selected due to her extraordinary leadership within KellyMitchell, as well as her dedication to civic leadership and philanthropy,” said CCC Executive Director, Ellen Gale

Aside from her role as CEO of KellyMitchell, Sanford serves as Board Member of The Magic House, Mercy East Hospital, Visitation Academy, Boy Scouts of Greater St. Louis, Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago, Regional Business Council, St. Louis Chamber of Commerce as well as an Advisory Board Member of Manpower Group.

In addition, she serves as a community exemplar through her service on the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Through this relationship, she has inspired 100 percent of KellyMitchell internal employees to embrace the United Way in various capacities nationwide.

Sanford shares “When I was notified I was being recognized by the Clayton Chamber of Commerce as a Business Person of the Year I was both humbled and thrilled, as this award is such a wonderful opportunity to highlight the philanthropic nature and community engagement of all of us at KM, especially my colleagues and all that they do to better everyone around them.”

Cassandra will be recognized at the Clayton Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Annual Awards Dinner on February 22nd.

About KellyMitchell

KellyMitchell was founded in 1998 by previous Boeing employees with the belief that they could provide Fortune 500 companies with the same high-quality, technology professional services as the Big 4 consulting firms. Today, KellyMitchell is a privately-held, flexible IT workforce solutions firm dedicated to matching the best IT and business talent with exclusive opportunities on an international scale.

With 16 branch offices and more than 2,000 employees, KellyMitchell assists Fortune 500 clients in achieving their IT, Business, and Financial goals by providing a flexible and skilled workforce that meets their needs.

KellyMitchell has 16 offices, two national recruitment centers, one world headquarters, and employees in every state (yep, even North Dakota). To learn more about KellyMitchell, visit


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